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How Long Did the Longest Handshake Last?

The handshake has been in existence for thousands of years but the origins of this gesture are somewhat unclear. There is a popular theory on how the first handshake began, and it was a way to convey peaceful intentions between two parties. But did you ever wonder how long the longest handshake lasted?

The longest handshake lasted for forty-three hours and thirty-five minutes. Juan Diaz De Leon and Matt Holmes accomplished this feat and were noticed by the Guinness World Record.

The Longest Handshake Recorded

Juan Diaz de Leon, a Colorado State University alumnus, refused to shake it off for more than 43 hours.

Juan Diaz de Leon and friend Matt Holmes recently attempted to break the world record for the longest handshake. While the attempt has yet to be certified by Guinness, the pair shook hands for 43 hours and 35 minutes, while the previous best time was 42:05. They decided to attempt to break the record to celebrate and bring attention to Colorado entrepreneurs.

We always wanted to break a world record, and it has been on my bucket list, But we also did this to celebrate and bring exposure to the Colorado startup scene, and to thank the Colorado community for taking interest.

 Juan Diaz de Leon

Handshaking was within their grasp as the two investigated which record was the most vulnerable and accessible. Holmes is the founder of Handshakin.com, a video series that offers niche advice for startups from some of the country’s top entrepreneurs and investors.

Diaz de Leon and Holmes are both from Denver, and they set the record on Jan. 31 at Redford’s Tavern. Diaz de Leon and Holmes were allowed five-minute breaks every hour, but those breaks were deducted from their time. As a result, they took few breaks.

The Guinness Book of World Records is currently verifying the information before naming Diaz de Leon and Holmes the new record holders.

A Guinness World Record can be broken in two ways. Diaz and Holmes went with the most common method, self-submission. The guidelines require continuous video monitoring, two professional timekeepers, two people to log and document, and guest testimonials.

We submitted our evidence to Guinness, and we expect to hear back from them soon and officially be marked as record-holders on their website.

Juan Diaz de Leon

Diaz de Leon earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from CSU in 2011. He is now working on a dating app called Seeabouts, which he hopes to launch this summer. (Source: Colorado State University)

Guidelines for Hand Shaking

Handshake grip should be no stronger than the strength required to hold a door handle. It would be best to match your grip to the person you’re shaking hands with.

When shaking hands, avoid standing too close together. Take a step back if someone is too close to you. You should be able to reclaim your personal space unless the other person has you in a vice grip.

If you’re concerned about sweaty or clammy hands, try wiping them discreetly before shaking hands. Try rubbing them together or keeping an instant heat packet in your pocket if you have cold hands.

The ideal handshake should last two to three seconds and should not last longer than the verbal introduction. Any longer, and you may appear to be just holding hands. (Source: Very Well Mind)

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