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Chopin Potato Vodka

Only About 3% of Vodkas in the World are Actually Made out of Potatoes

Most vodkas today are made from cereals, wheat, or rye, with potatoes accounting for barely 3% of global vodka production. While some may consider potatoes inferior base materials, potato vodkas are popular for their exceptional flavor, making them ideal for mixed beverages.

Only about 3% of vodkas worldwide are created using potatoes. Some of the brands you would want to try are; Chopin Potato Vodka, Woody Creek Distillers Potato Vodka, and Karlsson’s Gold Vodka

Top 15 Best Potato Vodka Brands

Aside from the top three mentioned on our list, here are some of the other brands you may want to consider.

Chopin Potato Vodka

Chopin Vodka is one of the most popular potato vodkas. It’s a high-end Polish vodka with only three ingredients: premium potato, wheat, or rye, purified artesian well water, and yeast.

Woody Creek Distillers Potato Vodka

Only potato mash, yeast, and spring water are used in Woody Creek Distillers’ single distillation, garnering the moniker a fresher vodka product, straight out.

Karlsson’s Gold Vodka

Börje Karlsson, the Father of Absolut, created Karlsson’s Gold Vodka from young potatoes. The 80-proof vodka has a pleasing vegetal scent and a slightly earthy, clean flavor with mild undertones of sweet nuttiness and a smooth finish.

Zodiac Vodka 

Zodiac vodka is a potato vodka made in Idaho. This vodka is single-filtered and features only two ultra-smooth flavors: Black Cherry and Original. This potato vodka is created in a four-column still with 100 percent neutral potato spirits.

Murlarkey Divine Clarity Vodka

Each Murlarkey Divine Clarity bottle has a sweet flavor with a silky finish free of ethanol burn. It’s also manufactured from 100 percent raw potato distilled 16 times and polished to perfection. It is also gluten-free, according to the firm, making it a perfect alternative for many.

Born & Bred Potato Vodka

Born & Bred is one of the best potato vodkas on the market, crafted from Idaho’s best locally sourced potatoes. Fennel, asparagus, potato skin, and nuts are among the ingredients. This American vodka is distilled 20 times and nurtured by the Grand Teton mountains’ clean glacier water.

Vesica Vodka

Vesica is also one of our favorite potato vodka brands. It has a sweet nose with undertones of mint and grass and is made entirely of potato. Vesica vodka is safe for people who are allergic to grains.

Chase Original Potato Vodka

Chase Original is produced from 250 locally grown potatoes from a family farm in Herefordshire. It’s also made in a copper pot, ensuring exceptional quality, purity, and authenticity.

Luksusowa Vodka

Luksusowa Vodka is another one of Poland’s top potato vodka brands. Luksusowa began producing high-quality potato vodkas in 1928, making it one of the earliest Polish vodka brands.

Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka

Boyd & Blair potato vodkas are made in small amounts using Pennsylvania potatoes and have a delicious taste and a silky smooth finish. 


Monopolowa is another renowned Polish potato vodka brand with a smooth, dry aftertaste. It’s made in Austria utilizing a triple distillation method and specific varieties of fresh potatoes, according to an old family secret recipe.

Blue Ice

Blue Ice is an American vodka made in Rigby, Idaho, using a four-column still. It also goes through a five-stage charcoal filtering process, giving it a fresh, clean, and earthy undertone. It’s made with new potatoes and healthy water from the Rocky Mountains.

Grand Teton

Grand Teton Distillery is distilled 20 times and proofed with Grand Teton mountain water before being polished with garnet crystal sand and charcoal. It can be used to make a standard martini or served over ice with a twist of lemon.

44° North Huckleberry Vodka

Idaho’s 44° North Huckleberry has notes of vanilla, lemon, and huckleberry and is best served chilled, on the rocks, or in a specialty cocktail. Russet Burbank potatoes are used, which are distilled in a five-column still. 

Vikingfjord Vodka 

Vikingfjord Vodka is also one of the most popular potato vodka brands. Arcus, a Norwegian firm, produces this potato-based vodka. It also undergoes a five-column distillation process and solely uses water from the Jostedal Glacier in South-Western Norway. Fruity cocktails go well with this top potato vodka. 

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