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Folkracing is a Form of Entry-Level Rallycross Racing that Started in Finland. It was Mainly Designed to Run Across Gravel Tracks to Limit the Speed to 80 km/h.

Rallycross racing is a form of sprint-style car racing held on a closed circuit space. This type of racing is especially popular in Nordic countries. But did you know about folkracing?

Folk Racing is a style of rallycross racing with its roots in Finland. To ensure that nobody gains an unfair advantage by spending more on their automobile, there is a cost cap on cars of €1,500. Anyone can purchase a car for this amount. The owner’s competition license may be withdrawn if they refuse to sell.

Folk Racing or Folkrace

Folk Racing is a style of auto racing that primarily occurs in European nations like Sweden, Finland, and Norway. Despite receiving little media attention, the sport is very well-liked because it is inexpensive and requires minimal driving expertise. 

Although the sport’s concept is remarkably similar to banger racing, popular in Britain, some regions of Europe and a few locations in the US, folk race racing originates in Finland. The activity is a race conducted on a track made of gravel or tarmac about 800 meters long. These tracks are built to prevent the possibility of speeds greater than 80 km/h. As a result, the race is less about speed and ability and more about trying to “bump” your rivals off the course while you climb the ranks. 

Only old, dented cars are typically used because of the sport’s destructive nature. Any vehicle makes, or model is acceptable if it is equipped with the required safety features. One of the reasons the sport is so well-liked is that starting is reasonably simple and affordable.

Classes are typically established for the regular Folk race competition based on variables like age and gender. The minimum age requirement to race is five years old. 

Six vehicles are typically included in the various heats that make up the race. According to how they perform in each heat, the drivers are given a certain number of points, and after the race, these points are added up to identify the top six drivers. The top six competitors compete in the A final, with the victor claiming overall victory.

Folk race racing differs from other forms of auto racing in that constraints are imposed on the cost of the vehicles rather than their affordability. All automobiles must be reasonably priced and adhere to the required safety standards. This does not imply that all automobiles are created equal, and car owners who are more mechanically inclined will have better automobiles since they may customize them. It means that every race is fascinating and distinctive. (Source: Autoracing)

Why Must You Sell the Cars After the Race?

If you plan on watching folk races, dress appropriately for the weather. However, if you intend to drive yourself, some additional requirements will be more concerned with safety than the weather. 

The sport is defined first and foremost by the cars themselves. These vehicles appear to have been taken directly from a highway crash. However, the engine, steering, and chassis are all functionally as good as the driver and possible aides want for the money available. 
After the competition, The car must be listed for sale for a maximum of SEK 6,500. As a result, the car’s armor must cost no more than the cost of driving. Invest in folk race clothing, on the other hand. (Source: Radne)

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