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Masaai and cows

To Help the People of the United States Recover After 9/11, the Masabi Tribe Donated 14 Cows Which was Considered the Most Priceless Gift They Could Send

Even though the 9/11 attacks took place on US soil, the effects of the attacks were felt worldwide. One-third of the world’s population is reported to have seen the attacks live on television and radio, with victims coming from over 90 different countries. But did you know that even the Masabi tribe sent help?

A Masai tribe from a remote community close to Kenya’s border with Tanzania gave fourteen cows to the people of the United States. To aid America in its recovery from the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the tribe gave the most priceless gift they could send.

How Did The Masai Tribe Find Out About the 9/11 Attacks?

Kimeli Naiyomah, a member of the tribe who left Kenya to pursue a career in medicine in the United States, is where the tale of the Masai and their 14 cows begins. Naiyomah returned to Kenya following the September 11th attacks and informed the tribespeople, many uninformed of the incident, about 9/11. 

In 2002, The New York Times reported that When Kimeli Naiyomah recently returned to this small town from his studies in the United States, he discovered that his fellow Masai had only the vaguest grasp of what had occurred in that far-off city named New York on September 11th.

Some members of this cattle-raising nomadic community had completely missed the news. William Oltetia, chief of the youthful warriors known as morans in this location, remarked that they never knew about September 11 and were unsure about the date.

Most Masai heard about the attacks on the radio shortly after they took place. However, many Masai who had recently received power in their village missed the horrifying television footage. Mr. Naiyomah sat them down and gave them stories in the oral tradition they rely on, which astounded them. (Source: Snopes

Why Did The Masai Choose to Donate Cows? 

Masai people wanted to support America because they were saddened by the incident and glad that Naiyomah was spared. They chose to give up cows, an animal they revere. Elders from the tribe gave the U.S. at a ceremony organized by the Masai on June 1st in the settlement of Enoosaen. William Brencick, the ambassador to Kenya, with his 14 cows. 

The ceremony was marked by tribespeople in traditional red robes and jewelry, some of whom carried banners saying; To the people of America, we give these cows to help you.

Brencick called the gift the highest expression of regard and sympathy.

The cow is almost the center of existence for us. It is revered. It goes beyond the mere property. It is given a name. It is spoken to. You use it for rituals. I’m not sure if there are any hallowed foods in America that give you a sense of the supernatural when you consume them. For us, that’s the cow.

Kimeli Naiyomah

On their ears, the cows were each marked with a symbol resembling the twin towers. The American cows proliferated and totaled 35 at the time of the book’s 2009 publication, according to 14 Cows for America. (Source: Snopes)

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