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Ahmed Fouad II

Ahmed Fuad II is the Last Known King of Egypt. He Ascended to the Throne as an Infant, and He is Still Alive Today at the Age of 70.

Ahmed Fuad II currently lives in the Swiss countryside, surrounded by heirlooms such as oil paintings, busts, and ancient black-and-white pictures. He studies historical books, works in his yard, and muses about the past. One of his favorite items is a photograph of his father, Egypt’s King Farouk, saluting the adoring audience at his coronation in 1937. But did you know Fuad is the last known King of Egypt?

Fuad II, Egypt’s last king, took the throne when he was only 192 days old and is still alive. After his father was banished and Egypt became a republic, he was removed from power a year later.

Ahmed Fuad II: His Life And Family

Ahmed Fuad II was born on January 16, 1952, and succeeded to the throne on July 26, 1952, after his father, King Farouk, abdicated in the wake of the 1952 Egyptian Revolution. Farouk had believed that by stepping down, the revolutionaries and other anti-royalist elements would be appeased, and his son would act as a unifying factor for the nation. He had three half-sisters: Princess Ferial, Princess Fawzia, and Princess Fadia of Egypt.

Fuad II was not publicly crowned because he was less than a year old when he assumed the throne, and his reign would be brief. After Farouk abdicated, he was exiled with his family, and the new king Fuad II took their place. Fuad II was officially represented in Egypt while he was away by the Council of Regency, which Prince Muhammad Abdel Moneim led.

However, the infant king reigned for less than a year until June 18, 1953, when Egypt was declared a republic. Fuad II was the 11th and last monarch of the Muhammad Ali dynasty, which had ruled Egypt and Sudan since 1805. 

Fuad II moved to Switzerland after his overthrow and was raised there. After getting married and having three kids in Paris, he later relocated back to the Lake Geneva region of Switzerland after getting divorced.

Egyptian President Anwar Sadat later restored Fuad II’s Egyptian citizenship, and he was thus able to visit Egypt multiple times. In May 2010, he recorded a television interview with ONTV and talked about his visits to Egypt, his feelings about the Egyptian people, and their view of his late father. Fuad II supported the candidacy of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi as President of Egypt in October 2013. (Source: The National News

Who Did Ahmed Fuad II Marry?

Fuad II married Dominique-France Loeb-Picard in a civil ceremony on April 16, 1976, in Paris. Dominique-France was the daughter of David-Robert Loeb and his wife, Paule-Madeleine Picard. She switched to Islam from Judaism. On October 5, 1977, in Monaco, they were legally wed and were crowned Queen Fadila of Egypt. Before divorcing in 1996, the couple had three children together.

Their children are Muhammad Ali, Prince of the Sa’id, who married Princess Noal Zaher Shah of Afghanistan, daughter of Prince Muhammed Daoud Pashtunyar Khan, on 30 August 2013. They have two children, a set of twins. Princess Fawzia-Latifa married Sylvain Jean-Baptiste Alexandre Renaudeau on 19 January 2019. They have a son and a daughter. Prince Fakhruddin. (Source: The National News)

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