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Mapogo Lion Coalition

The Mapogo Lion Coalition is a Brutal Pack of Six Lions who Feasted Across Africa. They Claimed 170,000 Acres of Land and Killed Over 100 Other Lions and Cubs.

The Mapogo Lion Coalition was a group of South African lions that basically controlled the Sabi Sand region in Kruger Nationa Park. The group is infamous for its sheer strength and power, being able to dominate several acres of land and killing several other lions. But are they real?

The Mapogo Lion Coalition, a vicious pack of six lions that feasted across Africa, claimed 170,000 acres of land. They killed 100 lions and cubs in a year, split up briefly after arguments, and died in a final battle protecting each other.

The Members of The Mapogo Lion Coalition 

The Mapogo Lion’s Coalition members are Makulu, the pack leader, Prettyboy, Dreadlocks, Rasta, Mr. T, and Kinky Tail.

The Spartan or Eyrefield Field Pride produced these six male lions, which the West Street males sired. Makulu, the oldest lion, is the only one who came from a different pride; the rest are brothers.

The Mapogo Coalition wiped out countless prides during their reign. They killed over 100 lions, including lionesses and cubs, who threatened them. They were brutalists, taking over entire territories with unprecedented aggression, and challengers were frequently eaten during acts of defiance.

The coalition of six shifted the entire ecosystem in the Sabi Sands area, dominating and controlling territory that eight other prides had previously ruled. (Source: African Travel Canvas)

What Makes the Mapogo Lion Coalition so Unique?

The Mapogo lions are one of history’s most well-known lion coalitions. They became famous for their ruthless tactics and the speed with which they conquered their new territory. They were unlike other coalitions, killing nearly every lion they encountered. 

While not unheard of, such large coalitions of lions are uncommon. The Mapogo lions had a massive advantage with six members. As a result, the Mapogos could rule over eight prides rather than many smaller coalitions fighting for dominance, totally altering the Sabi Sands ecosystem.

The Mapogo lions are also said to have killed buffalo, adult giraffes, and even young rhinos and hippos. They were killing and eating every lion that crossed their path.

The ability of the Mapogo lion coalition to control and protect such a large area of land was unprecedented in the lion population. They will be remembered for their legendary strength. (Source: African Travel Canvas)

What Caused the Mapogo Lion Coalition to Go Their Separate Ways?

In 2012, a rival coalition, the Selatis, outnumbered and killed Mr. T, the most brutal of them all. The Selatis, also known as the Southern Pride males, consisted of four males. The others mysteriously vanished after that, and the legendary Mapogo lion coalition was broken.

Makulu and Pretty Boy, the last remaining Mapogos, were driven off their territory after fighting a coalition of two Kruger males. Later that year, they were seen together. Despite being the oldest, Makulu was the last to be seen alone in Mala Mala in 2013. He was nearly 15 years old at this point, far outliving the average male lion’s life expectancy (Source: African Travel Canvas)

Image from kruger-national-park.fandom.com

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