Iron Man (2008) had no script. “They had no script, man. They had an outline.” Jeff Bridges described the improvised production of the first MCU film as being “saved by the improv prowess of the film’s director (Jon Favreau) and star. (Robert Downey Jr.)”

Jeff Bridges Admits Iron Man Movie Had No Script

Iron Man may have seemed as polished as fresh power-armor, but the movie actually had no screenplay at all, says Jeff Bridges. The chaos freaked him out, until he decided to think of it as a $200 million student film.

In an interview with InContention, Bridges explained that the Marvel superhero movie rushed into production to make its release date, with the director and star making up scenes as they went along:

“They had no script, man. They had an outline. We would show up for big scenes every day and we wouldn’t know what we were going to say. We would have to go into our trailer and work on this scene and call up writers on the phone, ‘You got any ideas?’ Meanwhile the crew is tapping their foot on the stage waiting for us to co… Continue Reading