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Jimmy Eat World

The Song “Here Me Now” by Jimmy Eat World was a Tribute to Mykel and Carli Allan, Who Died in a Car Accident After Leaving a Weezer Concert

Jimmy Eat World is an American rock band founded in Mesa, Arizona, in 1993. Jim Adkins, lead vocalist and guitarist, rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist Tom Linton, bassist Rick Burch, and drummer Zach Lind make up the band. They have ten studio albums to their credit, the last nine of which feature the current lineup. Did you know the story behind Jimmy Eat World’s Song Hear Me Now?

“Hear Me Now,” by Jimmy Eat World, was written in honor of Mykel and Carli Allan, arguably the biggest Weezer fans of all time. They frequently brought in new bands, such as Jimmy Eat World. They were killed in a car accident after leaving a Weezer concert, along with their sister.

The Origins of Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World was founded in Mesa, Arizona, in 1993. Frontman Jim Adkins and drummer Zach Lind, childhood friends, joined guitarist Tom Linton and bassist Mitch Porter to try their hand at music. They began with a punk rock sound and released a demo tape in 1993, followed by their debut EP, One, Two, Three, Four, in 1994. Their debut self-titled album was released in 1994, with Linton singing most of the lead vocals. Over a few years, the band recorded and released three singles and a full-length album on the local label Wooden Blue Records.

During their formative years, the band cited Mr. T Experience, Radon, and Horace Pinker as influences. (Source: Weezerpedia)

The Story Behind Their Band Name

Although Jim Adkins would eventually become their primary lead vocalist, his name is Jim, not Jimmy. The band’s name comes from a painting done by one of Linton’s younger brothers, who were fighting at the time.

The band’s name was inspired by a crayon drawing made after a fight between Linton’s younger brothers, Jim and Ed Linton. Jim usually won, but Ed retaliated by drawing a picture of Jim shoveling the Earth into his mouth, with the caption Jimmy eat world.

The older brother, Jim, apparently won against Ed. This must have been when they were pretty young. Like, under 8. In an attempt to get back at him, Ed drew a picture of Jim and a globe in his mouth. He wrote the caption ‘jimmy eat world’ to insult him, saying he was so fat he could eat the world.

Jim Adkins, Lead Singer

The lead singer described where the band was in February 1994, how one party invite forced the band to settle on a name, and how they used one of the band members’ temporary names in another band.

It was brought up and we discussed it for less than 5 min, no shit, we decided to call ourselves Jimmy Eat World so we could play this dumb ass party. I’m not saying our name is not “right” but when we have to design Merch or artwork I often wish we would have deliberated a bit more. So moral of the story: even seemingly small and insignificant decisions can be much bigger than you could imagine. Slow down sometimes and make sure it’s right

Jim Adkins, Lead Singer

(Source: Weezerpedia)

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