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According to Research, People Who Have Dark Humor Also Have Higher IQs and Are Less Aggressive.

Are you suppressing your laughter when you hear tasteless or morbid jokes? An appreciation for dark humor could be a sign of intelligence. But how does Dark sense of Humor link with higher IQs? 

According to research, people who laugh at dark jokes have higher IQs and report less aggressive tendencies.

Study on Dark Humor with Higher Intelligence

A new study published in the journal Cognitive Processing discovered that intelligence and several other factors, such as a person’s aggression levels, play an essential role in appreciating black humor.

One example is a cartoon depicting a morgue in which a physician removes a cover sheet from a body. Sure, that’s my husband – anyway, which washing powder did you use to get that so white? a woman confirms.

Participants’ verbal and nonverbal IQs were also tested and asked about their mood, aggression, and educational background. (Source: Psychologist World

People with average intelligence had an issue appreciating dark humor. The next time you are reminded of being inappropriate, remember that you have an above-average IQ. (Source: Hella Health)

Degree of Humor: Dark, Darker, Darkest

According to the British Psychological Society Research Digest blog, the study found three groups of participants. The group with the highest sick humor appreciation and comprehension had the highest verbal, and nonverbal IQ scores were better educated, and had lower levels of aggression and bad mood. The first group had average intelligence and moderate aggression. They reported a moderate liking for black humor.

The second group moderately understood the jokes but enjoyed them the least. These people had average intelligence but the highest negative mood and aggression levels. The second group of aggressive people was rated average regarding intelligence and understanding black humor. This group, however, appreciated such humor the least of the three. 

The third group demonstrated moderate sick humor comprehension and preference, average intelligence, a generally positive mood, and mild aggression. The final group expressed the greatest appreciation for black humor. This group was found to have higher levels of verbal and nonverbal intelligence but the lowest levels of aggression of the three groups.

The findings challenged previous theories about the relationship between aggression and humor. Freud proposed in 1905 that humor allows for the safe release of usually suppressed sexual and aggressive urges.

The most surprising result, is that subjects who show the highest values with respect to black humour preference and comprehension show high values with respect to intelligence, have higher education levels and show lowest values regarding mood disturbance and aggression.”

Ulrike Willinger, Medical University of Vienna

Even though black humor frequently contains violent or aggressive references, those who enjoy it appear to have less aggressive tendencies than those who do not. According to the researchers, a higher level of aggression can interfere with a person’s ability to appreciate the humor.

Seemingly, only those subjects who have no aggressive feelings towards others as well as no mood disturbance such as dysphoric or depressive mood can afford or get away with playful exposure in the course of black humour processing.

Ulrike Willinger, Medical University of Vienna

(Source: Psychologist World

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