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Noodles, the Guitarist of the Punk Rock Band The Offspring, was a High School Janitor When the Band Became a Mainstream Success.

The Offspring has existed for quite some time. The band has been working on albums since the 1980s. All I Want, Days Go By, Gone Away, Want You Bad, The Kids Aren’t Alright, and Self-Esteem are among their most memorable songs. But did you know that Noodles, the guitarist, worked as a janitor even during the height of the band’s success?

When The Offspring’s guitarist Noodles became a mainstream success, he was a high school janitor, but he promised his boss he would work the entire year. While working, a student approached him and said, “Man, what are you doing? I just saw you on MTV!”

The Offspring’s Journey

The band was founded by guitarist and vocalist Bryan Dexter Holland and bassist Greg Kriesel. According to the New York Post, the duo formed a band called Manic Subsidal in 1984, which was later renamed The Offspring. This was when bands like the B-52s, Devo, and Cars ruled the charts. Holland was drawn to punk music and the atmosphere it created.

I always liked music but there was definitely something different about punk rock when it came out.

Bryan Dexter Holland, Vocalist, The Offspring

Their start was humble, and they didn’t even have the proper tools or equipment to work with. They only had a dream. According to Louder Sound, Holland knew Kriesel from school and was inspired after missing out on seeing the legendary band Social Distortion live at a concert. Slowly, the musicians began to work on creating music, forming a band with two other friends. They didn’t realize it at the time, but they were about to embark on a long journey to achieve success in the coming years.

According to a Rolling Stone article, Dexter Holland didn’t discover punk music until much later in his school years. He wanted to be a doctor and please his parents, who came from traditional families. His father worked as a hospital administrator, and his mother was a teacher. He was also interested in sports and graduated as class valedictorian.

Holland’s senior year changed when his older brother introduced him to punk music. He was hooked after listening to Rodney on the ROQ Compilation album and went on to follow bands like TSOL, the Adolescents, and Agent Orange. Unlike some of their contemporaries, these musicians were not preoccupied with politics and instead turned to Holland.

Greg Kriesel, the co-founder of Offspring, discovered punk through Holland. Before that, he thought about what his father had planned for him: law school. Kriesel, like Holland, was a big sports fan who loved it. (Source: Grunge

Noodles the School Janitor and Punk Rock Star

According to Rolling Stone, Kevin John Wasserman, better known as Noodles, worked as a janitor before becoming famous. Noodles agreed when Dexter Holland offered him a spot in the band, but he didn’t have high expectations.

It was just punk rock,  loved the music, I loved the songs, but I didn’t think it was really going to go anywhere. I didn’t think it was going to be a career

Noodles, Guitarist, The Offspring

Even while working with The Offspring, Noodles continued to work at the Earl Warren School in Anaheim. He did take a three-year leave and was still working when the band became famous because he told his boss he would only leave after the school year ended. (Source: Grunge

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