Rob Lowe is uncredited in the film Tommy Boy because he was contractually obligated to another movie at the time, Steven King’s The Stand. The reason he filmed Tommy Boy was due to his friendship with Chris Farley.

Tommy Boy is Almost 20: Here Are 20 Fun Facts About the Film

The cinematic classic Tommy Boy hit theaters on March 31, 1995. Do the math and that mean the timeless Chris Farley (RIP)/David Spade road trip comedy is just about — yes you guessed it — 20 years old. Twenty is a nice round number, the perfect type of number for a wholly essential Internet list.

Thankfully the local Target still carries physical media. For the small price of $4.75 — less than a pack of dental floss — I secured the “Holy Schnike Edition” Blu-ray, with director’s commentary from Peter Segal and an hour’s worth of special features to cull 20 illuminating fun facts for your nostalgic pleasure.

So grab your little coats, break out the ketchup Popsicles, crank up the Carpenters and for the love of god, don’t call houseke… Continue Reading