In 1974 the girlfriend of Ted Bundy called Seattle police to tell them he matched the description of the suspect in several murder cases. She hung up after being told, “You need to come in and fill in a report. We’re too busy to talk to girlfriends over the phone.” He would kill many more women.

What We Know About Ted Bundy’s Girlfriend Elizabeth Kendall And Where She Is Today

Ted Bundy brutally murdered dozens of women across the country in the late 1970s. Around the time he began his killing spree, he started dating a young secretary named Elizabeth. But it wasn’t until years later that Elizabeth first realized her boyfriend might be connected to a string of unsolved kidnappings and murders. In 1974, she saw in a local newspaper a composite drawing of the primary suspect, a man who shared the name “Ted” with her boyfriend.

Elizabeth wrote about her haunting experience with Bundy under the pseudonym Elizabeth Kendall in a little-known memoir called The Phantom Prince: My Life with Ted Bundy, which was published in 1981, years before Bundy was executed on January 24, 1989 for his crimes. Now, that book is the… Continue Reading