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Michael Jordan Has the Highest Vertical Leap in NBA History

High jumps have become increasingly important in NBA history. Dunks have grown in popularity since their inception. Due to the NBA’s perception of dunking as an insult, it was rarely used in its early days. But do you know who has the highest vertical leap in the NBA?

Michael Jordan has the NBA’s highest vertical leap.

The Switch from Basketball to Baseball

Michael Jordan stated that he lost interest in playing basketball after announcing his first retirement in 1993, instead signing with a Minor League Baseball team in 1994. This surprised sports fans and the rest of the world, as many knew the icon from his professional basketball career.

Michael Jordan joined the Chicago White Sox in February 1994 and trained in Sarasota, Florida, USA. Because the White Sox’s owner at the time also owned the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan’s basketball contract was honored throughout his baseball career. (Source: Facts)

Michael Jordan’s Smoking Habit

Michael Jordan stated that he began smoking after receiving cigars as a gift after winning his first NBA championship in 1991. Since then, Michael Jordan has made it a habit to smoke a cigar on his way to every home game he plays.

By 1993, he was smoking on a regular basis to calm his nerves before a game and release tension from his stress. (Source: Facts)

The Iconic Jersey Number

Michael Jordan’s jersey number has become synonymous with sports over the years. As a result, many athletes want to wear the same jersey number as Michael Jordan himself.

Furthermore, the number 23 has a special meaning for Michael Jordan because it was his jersey number in high school and college. (Source: Facts)

The Iconic Tongue and Facial Expressions

Growing up, Michael Jordan was considered close to his father and was said to have inherited his father’s habits from a young age. One of these habits was sticking his tongue out when he was deep in thought while working or focusing on something.

Michael Jordan was also asked about this habit during an interview after being invited to the Arsenio Hall Show. Michael Jordan can be seen sticking his tongue out while playing in many of his games, indicating that he was completely focused at the time. (Source: Facts)

What Happened to the Adidas Deal?

Michael Jordan stated in the 1980s that he preferred to wear Adidas shoes over Nike shoes due to personal preferences. However, Michael Jordan was advised against this and instead suggested to go with Nike because they were the upstart at the time, with an offer that no rookie could refuse.

Despite this, Michael Jordan’s management convinced his parents to force him to accept the Nike contract. Michael eventually accepted the offer and was also given his shoe line, the Air Jordan, as part of the deal, which is now one of the most valuable shoe lines. (Source: Facts)

Ending the Short Shorts

When Michael Jordan asked to wear longer and baggy basketball shorts during a game in the 1990s, he unknowingly set a fashion trend. Michael Jordan only considered doing so because he wanted to wear his University of North Carolina shorts underneath his uniform.

Michael Jordan was also known to constantly grab his shorts when he was tired during a game, making the switch all the more understandable. The basketball star also collaborated with a manufacturing company called Champion to create more comfortable basketball shorts for him to wear in official matches, which sparked the current trend. (Source: Facts

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