After opening his first shop, KFC’s Col. Sanders got in a shootout with a local competitor. His opponent shot a bystander and was eventually convicted of murder, ultimately eliminating Sander’s local competition

Colonel Sanders

This article is about the American businessman. For other people called Colonel Sanders, see Colonel Sanders (disambiguation).

Colonel Harland David Sanders[a] (September 9, 1890 – December 16, 1980) was an American businessman, best known for founding fast food chicken restaurant chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (also known as KFC) and later acting as the company’s brand ambassador and symbol. His name and image are still symbols of the company. The title ‘colonel’ was honorary – a Kentucky Colonel – not the military rank.

Sanders held a number of jobs in his early life, such as steam engine stoker, insurance salesman and filling station operator. He began selling fried chicken from his roadside restaurant in North Corbin, Kentucky, du…
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10 thoughts on “After opening his first shop, KFC’s Col. Sanders got in a shootout with a local competitor. His opponent shot a bystander and was eventually convicted of murder, ultimately eliminating Sander’s local competition”

  1. Adodie

    It turn’s out Sander’s life was insane. Take these excerpts:

    >After a while, Sanders began to practice law in [Little Rock](, which he did for three years, earning enough in fees for his family to move with him.[\[7\]]( His legal career ended after a courtroom brawl with his own client destroyed his reputation.[\[15\]]( This period represented a real low point for Sanders. As his biographer John Ed Pearce wrote, “\[Sanders\] had encountered repeated failure largely through bullheadedness, a lack of self-control, impatience, and a self-righteous lack of diplomacy.”[\[16\]](

    >As late as 1979 Sanders made surprise visits to KFC restaurants, and if the food disappointed him, he denounced it to the franchisee as “God-damned slop” or pushed it onto the floor.[\[5\]]([\[36\]]( In 1973, Sanders sued [Heublein Inc.](—the then parent company of Kentucky Fried Chicken—over the alleged misuse of his image in promoting products he had not helped develop. In 1975, Heublein Inc. unsuccessfully sued Sanders for libel after he publicly described their gravy as being “sludge” with a “wall-paper taste”.[\[6\]](

  2. Ryansahl

    Looks like what foghorn leghorn sounds like.

  3. chancimus33

    Wasn’t it a gas station that he owned during this time? And the shootout was with another gas station owner?

  4. ElimGarakTheSpyGuy

    And that other guy was Popeye.

  5. Jamnar1954

    KFC is what I call Brain Cramp food. You never remember why you swore you would never eat that greasy shit again until the first bite.

  6. Complete_Entry

    Every time this gets posted people act like he came out blasting like Yosemite fuckin’ Sam, and that is NOT what happened.

    The wikipedia article severely cuts down what happened. Col. Sanders had to watch his friend die.

    In reality, that Shitbrick Stewart repeatedly vandalized the sign for Sander’s restaurant. During a meeting, they caught the fucker doing it again. Stewart jumped off the painters ladder and HE started shooting.

    Sanders merely returned fire.

    Stewart was also a drama bitch, he said that Sanders had “killed him” but survived.

    I was going to link to the better account, but they hit me with dual bullshit popups, first one yelling at me for using adblock, and the second because I don’t take their newsletter.

    I’m actually having a hell of a time finding a non bullshit clickbait source on the story.

  7. flankse

    Col. Sanders reboot played by Giancarlo Esposito more or less reprising his role as Gus Fring, methodically building his fast food empire while fighting off competitors, and old enemies.

  8. Stray-hellhound

    Btw I highly recommend googling his actual recipe before he sold his company. They stopped using it due to difficulty apparently . Actually cooked it several times . THAT SHIT IS GOOD AS HELL . The gravy is easy to fuck up but you can get it after a try or two. Is def worth the effort every few months . Can’t buy fried chicken like that

  9. Booyacaja

    “I say- I say I demand satisfaction!”

    *slaps with glove

  10. RTDugger

    Now THAT is a life story. Can’t believe he didn’t ultimately become successful until he was 70.

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