“Charlie bit my finger” was on Osama Bin Laden’s computer

CIA Confirms ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Was on One of Osama bin Laden’s Computers

Earlier on Wednesday, the CIA released a trove of data recovered after the deadly raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan in 2011. Among the data is a list of some of the videos found on devices in the compound. (The CIA is not releasing any videos it deems “sensitive” or that are still under copyright.) And, well … “Charlie Bit My Finger” — a YouTube staple from 2007 that once held the title as the most viewed YouTube video of all time, which features a small British child, named Charlie, biting his brother’s finger — is on the list.

Other files that stand out are a number of instructional videos for crocheting — baby socks, stars, beanies, a “radiant butterfly” — as well as a number of Tom and Jerry files, and several other ani… Continue Reading (1 minute read)

13 thoughts on ““Charlie bit my finger” was on Osama Bin Laden’s computer”

  1. patchyj

    So was hentai. And a LOT of Tom and Jerry

  2. GoodLordChokeAnABomb

    He also had a copy of Final Fantasy VII. I wonder who was in his main party.

  3. SlowHandEasyTouch

    He would watch it every time he needed to stoke his seething rage against the West.

  4. Cock__Womble

    He had a recipe for Johnny cakes too.

  5. Loudminority_

    Happens when you have over 20 kids.

  6. feral_philosopher

    I heard Osama ran a dank memes sub reddit

  7. Brcomic

    Always made me wonder. Surely there are some accounts on some websites that haven’t been logged into since the day he died. I’d be curious to know which ones.

    I’ve got 20 bucks on neopets.

  8. SankakuDweller69x420

    Evil evil ass dudes like to laugh too.

  9. Evorgleb

    I also heard that he had a weird obsession with Whitney Houston. She’s was his dream woman or something.

  10. TheLimeyCanuck

    Funny is funny, even to a homicidal maniac.

  11. shaezan

    takes the edge off after having to edit the beheading videos

  12. WabbitWow

    You can actually download a few movies from the CIA website because they shared everything that’s on UBL’s drive. Lots of funny stuff.

  13. DoctorPooPooHead

    This is actually a common way to hide information on a computer. They download countless videos, pictures, and documents, and then imbed the information in the files. They try to find some messed up videos and pictures too. The idea is that it forces anyone trying to find intelligence from the embedded information to have to look at each file one by one, including things like CP, gay porn, or snuff films.

    It doesn’t mean that they did or didn’t like it.

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