After 4 years of coming last for amount of tourists in the United States, Nebraska changed their slogan to “Nebraska: Honestly it’s not for everyone”.

Nebraska Tourism Commission unveils new marketing campaign

NEBRASKA CITY, Neb. (October 17, 2018) – Nebraska may not be on everyone’s bucket list of places to visit, but if you like experiences that are unpretentious and uncomplicated or if you enjoy escaping the big city life for moments of solitude in the open plains, creating your own fun or exploring the quirkiness the state has to offer, chances are, you will like it here.

This is the premise of Nebraska Tourism Commission’s new marketing campaign that was unveiled Wednesday, October 17 at the Nebraska Tourism Conference.

Video: John Ricks, Nebraska Tourism Executive Director on new marketing campaign

In 2017, before creating the campaign, the Nebraska Tourism Commission had Brand Lever, a brand consultancy specializing in destinat… Continue Reading (3 minute read)

10 thoughts on “After 4 years of coming last for amount of tourists in the United States, Nebraska changed their slogan to “Nebraska: Honestly it’s not for everyone”.”

  1. brock_lee

    Only reason I’ve gone to Nebraska was to drive through it, and once to watch the eclipse a few years ago. And that turned out well. A three hour drive, each way, but everyone else from this area that went due north “just” two hours had a ten-hour traffic jam coming home, which they had warned about. I was home drinking by 3 PM texting a friend who was sitting in traffic and had not moved more than a mile in three hours.

  2. Wicked_And_Divine

    Omaha is pretty nice with a bunch of stuff to do, and Lincoln is pretty okay. That’s about it though.

  3. XolyGamingExperience

    Honestly that makes me want to go there. Their slogan makes me feel challenged to go there and thrive, or maybe not survive it and just drop down dead.

  4. greatgildersleeve

    I thought that title went to North Dakota.

  5. WillingPublic

    I really enjoy driving and took a trip through the Sand Hills on Nebraska State Highway 2 a couple of years ago. Amazing wide open and rolling hills — very scenic and not at all like the rest of the Great Plains. But wow, you can definitely see that Americans eat a lot of hamburgers since there must be a million cows out there. And why with all that grazing land are the cows always by the fence?

  6. floog

    I know the team that came up with this program, and the man leading them is a brilliant marketer (he is interviewed in the article). This campaign was incredible and really got people talking, and best of all it has had a positive effect on the state tourism. What’s awesome is that the ads they run show a lot of shots you wouldn’t think were in the state (where the tongue in cheek really sings), like waterfalls and huge bird migrations. There is also a lot of history in Nebraska and if people have not been to the Henry Doorly Zoo, it is worth the trip to Omaha alone!

  7. OldMuley

    My family is originally from Nebraska and we used to visit there every summer. Some of my best childhood memories are from the times spent on my grandparents farm. Even as an adult I enjoyed traveling there, particularly to watch trains along the Union Pacific’s triple-track mainline.

  8. henry_mann

    Nebraska was the most torturous state I’ve ever had to drive across. Worse than Kansas.

  9. na3than

    “You wanna go to Nebraska, Ike?”


  10. djackieunchaned

    I got diarrhea in kearny one time

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