Farmers in Bangladesh have been raising ducks instead of chickens as when a flood happens, ducks float.

Grants, ducks and cyclones: seven lessons from Bangladesh

Imagine living in an area that floods nearly every year.

For two to three months, you earn can no money and have to leave your home because it is surrounded by several feet of water.

Your house and farm animals can even get swept out to sea.

Despite working hard and saving between the cyclones, your family gets caught in this cycle year after year.

In 2013, the Red Cross, with our partner the Bangladesh Red Crescent, started supporting people in coastal villages in a new way.

Support the Disaster Fund so we can help people wherever and whenever disaster strikes

Could we double our impact?

We could have helped people prepare for cyclones. Or, we could have helped them to increase their incomes.

But we thought … Continue Reading (4 minute read)

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