In 1982, Zimbabwe passed a law banning citizens from making jokes about the surname of the President, Canaan Banana.

Canaan Banana

When many Council members were arrested in the late 1960s, Banana and his family fled to the United States and did not return until 1975. Banana was arrested on his return but was released a year later, kept under house arrest, and then allowed to participate in Abel Muzorewa’s plans for the country. However, he abandoned that effort and joined ZANU (led by Robert Mugabe), which was dedicated to overthrowing the Smith administration. Returning to Rhodesia in December 1976, Banana was arrested once more for his support of ZANU; upon the appointment of Lord Soames as Governor of Southern Rhodesia, he was released from prison.

Under the country’s new constitution, Banana became the first president in 1980. In 1982, a law was passed fo… Continue Reading (3 minute read)

12 thoughts on “In 1982, Zimbabwe passed a law banning citizens from making jokes about the surname of the President, Canaan Banana.”

  1. lucaatiel

    uh oh, watch out, that banana is sensitive. He is easily bruised by mean jokes

  2. GasdaRoceries

    Quite right too, he must have suffered so much teasing in the past. No need to make any more jokes that could further hurt his peelings.

  3. Alert_Replacement778

    And so the Banana republic was born.

  4. grootes

    I’m waiting for Namibia to do the same with Adolf Hitler Uunona who was just elected as a local government councilor.

  5. 249ba36000029bbe9749

    Just the surname? So calling him “Canaan the Barbarian” is OK?

  6. NorthCuntry

    He also routinely sexually harassed his (male) staff and used his political power to coerce his subordinates into sex, so he had bigger problems to worry about.

  7. NuckingFiggas

    He has a wife you know…

  8. offmydude

    Six foot, seven foot, eight foot, yeah. Day light come and me wan go home

  9. Arktorus101

    The president directly before the banana republic of which ultimately destroyed Zimbabwe.

  10. squables-

    canaan, canaan, bobanan, banana ana fo fanan, fee fi co naanan, canaan!

  11. tobotic

    Seems like a short-sighted decision from a man who also had such an amusing given name.

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