Meet Continuum, a magazine devoted to proving HIV/AIDS is hoax. It ceased publishing after all of its core members died of HIV complications.

Continuum (magazine)

Continuum was a magazine published by an activist group of the same name who denied the existence of HIV/AIDS.

Favoring pseudoscientific content, the magazine addressed issues related to HIV/AIDS, AIDS denialism, alternative medicine, and themes of interest to the LGBT community. It ran from December 1992 until February 2001 and ceased publication because the editors had died of AIDS-defining clinical conditions.


Continuum was created in December 1992 by Jody Wells (12 March 1947 – 26 August 1995) in London, United Kingdom. It ceased publication in 2001, after all the editors died from AIDS-defining clinical conditions, leaving debts of over £14,000. The magazine last appeared in print in 1998 and then surfaced again in … Continue Reading (2 minute read)

10 thoughts on “Meet Continuum, a magazine devoted to proving HIV/AIDS is hoax. It ceased publishing after all of its core members died of HIV complications.”

  1. Scar_the_armada

    So several people who had AIDS got together and made a magazine trying to prove AIDS didn’t exist because they couldn’t handle their diagnosis?

  2. notrexhudler

    Just a reminder that delusional stupidity existed before twitter.

  3. gokism

    Imagine the last core member still holding out and screaming the others didn’t die of HIV. Crippling ignorance.

  4. eatmoremeatnow

    Here is why this happened in the 80s and A LOT of gay men refused to believe in AIDS.

    Imagine if your lifestyle was ridiculed by mainstream society and you were told that you were “sick and wrong and going to hell.” A disease pops up and a ton of your friends and exes and whatever start getting sick and dying.

    Then people laugh at you and say “see, AIDS is how God punishes people for being gay.”


    Suicide and violence among gay men was HUGE in the 80s.

    Some used a coping mechanism and that was to just refuse to believe it. They refused to believe that Jerry Fallwell was correct. They refused to believe that all the bullies and the people that wanted to criminalize their behaviors were right.

    It sounds crazy now but imagine if a new disease pretty much only affected people like YOU and people all over the world said “haha, YOU deserve it.”

    How would you cope?

  5. mlpr34clopper

    Kinda like Longevity Magazine. The founder died at age 60 of a heart attack.

  6. Accomplished_Row_248

    Too bad they had to die because of a hoax

  7. well_uh_yeah

    When do they spin off their sister magazine about COVID? They’re missing out on a huge market.

  8. Aboxofphotons

    If something bad happens and you don’t have adequate emotional stability or mental capacity to to deal with it, just pretend its a lie or say “it’s what god wants”…

  9. OldMaidLibrarian

    IIRC, back in the day (late ’80s-early ’90s), Spin Magazine were big proponents of this theory, or some variation of it, claiming that AIDS didn’t come from HIV, and anyway, people weren’t dying due to HIV (well, technically not; they were dying of things like pneumonia that they contracted due to their bodies being weakened by AIDS), complete w/insisting there was a big coverup somewhere. Conspiracy thinking has been around for a hell of a long time, and because every now and then the conventional wisdom is wrong, people make the mistake of thinking it’s always wrong.

  10. Brucewayne4president

    To me this is honestly just very sad. It doesnt sound like these people were intentionally shilling snakenoil and conspiracies to profit off of suffering or anything. The suffering was from their own community and eventually themselves and they were dangerously and tragically misguided when it came to dealing with it.

    I dont know, it just feels like a lot of people are poking fun at this but we forget that when AIDS was decimating the LGBTQ population little was known about it and in America, Reagan didnt lift a finger and surrounded himself with people who said it was Divine Judgement. Reporters who brought it up were mocked and accused of having it. The people who made this magazine sound like total wingnuts but it feels cruel to laugh at people for having a dangerous and irrational response to a terrifying, deadly situation.

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