“Black Forest Ham” comes from the Black Forest region of Germany, where it was originally coated with beef blood to give it its dark color.

Difference Between Virginia & Black Forest Ham

The two most popular types of hams that you’re likely to encounter are the Black Forest ham and the Virginia ham. Although similar, there are a number of subtle differences between the two. On sight, identifying your porky friends is fairly easy, as Black Forest ham has a black coating and a Virginia ham has a more familiar brown skin. That’s not the only place you’ll find a distinction between the two, however. From the curing and smoking processes to the taste and texture, there are quite a few differences to note between Black Forest and Virginia hams.

Similarities Between Hams

Both Virginia hams and Black Forest hams go through a process called dry curing. Dry cured hams come from the hind leg of a pig, and the butcher performs … Continue Reading (2 minute read)

14 thoughts on ““Black Forest Ham” comes from the Black Forest region of Germany, where it was originally coated with beef blood to give it its dark color.”

  1. dchipy

    If its not from the Black Forest region in Germany its just sparkling ham.

  2. NotTheBelt

    “Would you like some Black Forest ham?”

    “What’s it coated with?”


    “*Blech!* No thanks, I hate blood coated ham.”

    “Okay, how about some Black Forest cake?”

    “Is it-“

    “Coated in blood? Yes, absolutely drenched.”

    “Is there anything on the menu that’s *not* coated in blood?”

    “Hmmm, how about the blood sausages?”

    “Sounds delicious, I’ll take several!”

  3. stesch

    And by the way: German Bierwurst (beer sausage) has no beer in it. Similar to the Blutwurst (blood sausage) which hasn’t any beer in it, either.

  4. notsosprite

    Unfortunately, the pigs can be raised anywhere and slaughtered anywhere (huge issues in animal welfare): as long as the meat is cured in the Black Forest region it’s black Forest ham.

    And the picture is not of Black Forest ham but boiled ham.

  5. Citadelvania

    I can’t be the only one wondering why they’re covering a pork product in beef blood. Like, do pigs not have enough blood?

  6. TheAlmightyJohnsons

    Involuntary bood oath deliciousness.

  7. LiberalDomination

    I’m scared to ask about German Chocolate Cake.

  8. TheOneWhoWas

    So, it’s *not* vegan?

  9. Dulcatina

    Well I thought in my naivity that it was smoked raw meat. Keeping the colour because of the process. But yeah, I could be wrong.

  10. 314159265358979326

    How do they currently make it that colour?

  11. FiveFingerDisco

    Aah, Schwarzwälder Schinken! Love it!

  12. Fly_On_The_Wallz

    *mmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmm* tasty beef blood

  13. DetosMarxal

    I don’t have my glasses on and I read the title as saying the forest was coated in beef blood.

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