Scientists discovered a dinosaur tail perfectly preserved in amber. It is full of feathers.

First Dinosaur Tail Found Preserved in Amber

To scientists’ delight, the incredible appendage from 99 million years ago is covered in feathers.

Watch: Pictures of the First Dinosaur Tail Ever Preserved in Amber

The tail of a 99-million-year-old dinosaur, including bones, soft tissue, and even feathers, has been found preserved in amber, according to a report published today in the journal Current Biology.

While individual dinosaur-era feathers have been found in amber, and evidence for feathered dinosaurs is captured in fossil impressions, this is the first time that scientists are able to clearly associate well-preserved feathers with a dinosaur, and in turn gain a better understanding of the evolution and structure of dinosaur feathers.

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7 thoughts on “Scientists discovered a dinosaur tail perfectly preserved in amber. It is full of feathers.”

  1. DJ33

    I like that there’s a random ant in there too.

    Imagine being an ant that gets perfectly preserved in amber for **a hundred million years** only for nobody to give a shit because you’re next to a fluffy dino tail.

  2. AnotherJasonOnReddit

    What colour?

    >Inside the lump of resin is a 1.4-inch appendage covered in delicate feathers, described as chestnut brown with a pale or white underside.

    Bah humbug – I was hoping for Barney purple.

  3. Robokitten

    I have a question though. This doesn’t apply to all dinosaurs though does it? I mean they were around for like 100M years.

  4. DieselWins

    Everybody’s talking about birds, dinos, and feathers. Meanwhile, I’m over here wondering what kind of tree made an amber nugget that big, and how the hell a dino appendage got stuck it…

  5. rivermamma

    So then TRex was a giant bird. That’s terrifying.

  6. panzerkampfwagen

    I see dinosaurs with feathers every day.

  7. handstanding

    So you’re telling me Jurassic Park’s naked dinos are wrong? Muh childhood!

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