According to Paul McCartney there is no mystery to who broke up the Beatles. John Lennon did. He called a meeting and said he was leaving the band.

Paul McCartney Tells Howard Stern John Lennon Broke Up The Beatles

Paul McCartney was a guest on the Howard Stern radio show in New York last week and set the blame on The Beatles break-up with John Lennon.

Stern said he didn’t really know who broke up The Beatles, no-one did. “I do,” said Paul. “John. There was a meeting where John came in and said ‘hey guys I am leaving the group’. He had found Yoko and John loved strong women. His mother was a strong woman, his aunty who brought him up was a strong woman but, bless her, his first wife wasn’t a strong woman”.

Paul admitted it was hard for the others when John brought Yoko in. “John had met up with Yoko and even thought we thought it was intrusive, because she used to sit in on sessions and we had never had anything like that, but the guy was tota… Continue Reading (2 minute read)

10 thoughts on “According to Paul McCartney there is no mystery to who broke up the Beatles. John Lennon did. He called a meeting and said he was leaving the band.”

  1. LostNTheNoise

    During the Let It Be sessions George Harrison quit for 5 days. Lennon wanted to replace him with Eric Clapton.

  2. rubberseatbelt

    Ringo wanted to leave countless times. That’s one of the reasons why Paul played drums on a lot of white album songs.

  3. iconoclast63

    I think Ringo put it best when he was asked about a reunion and he said that the Beatles were still the number one band in history, how could they improve on that?

  4. hobbitdude13

    Number 8


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  5. daddychainmail

    I’ll never say that I hate John Lennon as a musician, but the Beatles had decades of material left in them and it’s sad that we live in a world that it’ll never happen.

  6. thelancemanl

    They were never going to be together forever. They all had good solo material. Oh well…. let it be.

  7. ShiftyMcCoy

    Saying Lennon broke up the Beatles is an oversimplification. The biggest culprit was likely the death of their manager, Brian Epstein, in 1967. Suddenly, the Beatles were managing all money and business issues themselves, and it was causing great internal strife and added massively to their workload. John became increasingly disinterested with the band, using Yoko as a cudgel to drive a wedge between himself and the others; Paul became increasingly bossy, garnering major resentment from the others; and George was tired of being relegated to two songs per album (and being subject to Paul’s bossiness), and likely would’ve left soon had Lennon not done so first.

    That’s probably the pithiest summary that takes into account all the myriad factors that fueled their dissolution.

  8. garden-geek

    Yep. I’ve seen the legal documents involved. It was not a pleasant break up at all.

  9. Ryan_22

    I think it’s amazing that a band with three such incredibly strong creative forces stayed together for as long as they did.

  10. QuotidianQuandaries

    Yoko oh no the band is breaking up.

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