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Biggest Hazelnut Users

Over a Quarter of the Global Hazelnut Production is Bought by an Italian Company to Make Nutella.

Ferrero must produce a large amount of Nutella to meet the high demand that exists throughout the world. A jar of the stuff is reportedly sold every 2.5 seconds, and with the total number of jars sold annually, you could circle the earth 1.8 times, which would make for one tasty planet. Ferrero manufactures more than 365,000 tons of Nutella annually, which is equivalent to the weight of the Empire State Building. But did you know that Nutella buys a bunch of hazelnuts?

An Italian company purchases more than one-fourth of the world’s hazelnut production to make Nutella.

Biggest Hazelnut Users

According to the BBC, Ferrero buys a quarter of the hazelnuts worldwide yearly for its Nutella production. According to Mental Floss, this equals more than 100,000 tons. Ferrero claims that these hazelnuts come from Turkey, Italy, and Chile on the Nutella website. In the Northern Hemisphere, they are harvested from the beginning of August to the end of September; however, Ferrero now also purchases hazelnuts from the Southern Hemisphere, where they are harvested from February to March.

According to NPR, Nutella is to blame for making hazelnuts such a fashionable crop and raising their price. Turkey’s hazelnut supply was cut in half in 2014 due to a late frost, and prices rose 60%. Hazelnuts are currently being attempted to be grown in New Jersey and other areas where they have never before been.

Each 14-ounce jar of Nutella contains 52 of these prized hazelnuts, according to Mental Floss. According to Healthline, they are combined with cocoa, palm oil, sugar, and milk powder to create the delectable, creamy, if not particularly healthy, spread that enhances the flavor of countless recipes and adds something extra to every meal. (Source: Mashed

Changing the Classic Nutella Recipe 

It’s best to avoid changing the beloved Nutella flavor when possible. According to Time, devoted Nutella fans were incensed when Nutella announced in 2017 that they had changed the recipe. According to the manufacturer, Nutella was still made with just seven basic ingredients, hazelnuts, cocoa, sugar, and palm oil, but it had undergone some fine-tuning. The same amount of milk powder was used in American-made Nutella instead of whey powder. The goal was to improve consistency and quality.

But fans of Nutella weren’t unaware of the change. Incensed Nutella fans used social media to vent their frustration and claim that the product tastes sweeter than it actually does. (Source: Mashed

The Not-So-Healthy Version of Nutella

Nutella’s price has changed, and its health claims have also generated controversy. The company found itself in hot water when Nutella asserted the health benefits of its delectable hazelnut spread. Two tablespoons, or one serving, has a whopping 21 grams sugar and 11 grams fat. Who consumes two tablespoons of Nutella at most?

Despite Nutella advertisements claiming otherwise, a California mom discovered the product she had been feeding her daughter was unhealthy, according to Huffington Post. This led to the start of a class-action lawsuit. In response, the product maker Ferrero agreed to a $3 million settlement and was forced to alter some marketing claims and labeling. (Source: Mashed

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