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Country Time Lemonade Once Offered Free Legal Assistance When Children’s Lemonade Stands Were Being Ticketed by Local Authorities.

Lemonade stands are summertime symbols that sell sweet drinks and occasionally snacks for cheap, and they teach kids about the ups and downs of running a business. However, in some places, young people operating lemonade stands, like 5-year-old Autumn Thomasson from Porterville, California, have been informed that they need licenses to do so. But did you know how Country Time Lemonade helped these kids?

When local governments issued fines for children’s lemonade stands in the past, Country Time Lemonade provided free legal assistance. The service was known as Legal aid.

Country Time Lemonade To the Rescue

Fear not, aspiring citrus moguls. Country Time Lemonade is providing free legal assistance to those whose lemonade stands have gone sour due to government license or permit requirements.

Why would anyone stop kids who are trying to build strong work habits, have fun and become young entrepreneurs? The reality is, they are being shut down because of old, arcane and very real permit laws.

Country Time Lemonade Representative

So, if your child is fined for operating a lemonade stand without a permit, there is now assistance available. The company requests that parents submit an image of the required permit or fine, along with a description of what your lemonade stand means to your child, in his or her own words.

If the submission follows the rules, Country Time’s Legal Ade team will cover the permit or fine up to $300. So far, no one has applied for assistance, Country Time said in an email to The Daily Meal.

We haven’t seen submissions to our website yet, but the engagement in social media has been extremely supportive and positive, Nor has the company heard from regions that might have lemonade license laws on their books

Country Time Representative

According to the representative, Autumn Thomasson’s story inspired the movement. (Source: CNN

How Did Country Lemonade Help During the Pandemic?

With the pandemic and the economy in shambles, it’s safe to say life has dealt us lemons. However, due to strict social-distancing rules, children do not have the opportunity to make lemonade.

Country Time, the beloved lemonade brand, has launched the economic relief program The Littlest Bailout to assist the littlest entrepreneurs with the tiniest of small businesses: lemonade stands.

The program will award $100 to children whose lemonade stands were affected by the coronavirus. According to a press release from the brand’s parent company, Kraft Heinz, social distancing guidelines have hampered the typical foot traffic that lemonade stands typically receive.

The check can be saved or, better yet, spent to help invest in the local economy, offsetting the loss of revenue from the lemonade stand.

Kraft Heinz Representative

Country Time hopes to assist kids in preserving the values of lemonade stands, honest work, and entrepreneurship while putting a little juice back into the economy. All participants must submit is an essay on how they plan to use their stimulus check and a photo of the lemonade sign the child intended to use but was unable to.

Children under the age of 14 can apply with parental permission. A total of 1,000 winners will be chosen. (Source: CNN

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