Fans of Mass Effect trolled Bioware by sending them 400 cupcakes with the message “The cakes are vanilla, and so is all the icing… no matter what choice you make, it’ll all have the same generic flavor.”

Rebake Mass Effect: BioWare trolled with cupcakes

There have been many arguments concerning the controversial ending for Mass Effect 3 — some melodramatic, some perfectly valid. This new move from those snubbed by the trilogy’s conclusion, however, wins the award for sheer wit and genius.

Over four hundred cupcakes were sent to BioWare’s office, delivering a tasty message. Each cake was iced in one of three colors — red, green, and blue — to represent Mass Effect 3’s ending choices. The cakes are vanilla, and so is all the icing, the message being that no matter what choice you make, it’ll all have the same generic flavor.

A single person went out of his way to pay Fuss Cupcakes $1,005.00, but within an hour of announcing his crafty scheme, fellow fans PayPal’d him more than he’… Continue Reading (1 minute read)

10 thoughts on “Fans of Mass Effect trolled Bioware by sending them 400 cupcakes with the message “The cakes are vanilla, and so is all the icing… no matter what choice you make, it’ll all have the same generic flavor.””

  1. Yanrogue

    It was mostly annoyed fans venting in a creative way, they even set up a charity donation too. They marketed the game as having unique endings depending on your choices, but it ended up all having the same ending with a different color filter on it.

    [Here is a video of the ending of ME3, spoilers. Almost all the same just a different color filter added](

  2. existentialism91342

    The most important part is that the icing was the color of the endings.

  3. Arcterion

    >article from 2012

    Goddamn, I forgot that it’s been almost 9 years since ME3 came out.

  4. atlantis_airlines

    That is brilliant aside from dissing vanilla. Vanilla is fantastic.

  5. RedSonGamble

    *krogan* “Shepard”

  6. monkeybiziu

    For those just tuning in that need some additional context.

    Mass Effect 3 was released on March 6th, 2012 and gamers discovered that the ending to the franchise which at that point spanned 100h+ over three games boiled down to three relatively arbitrary and virtually identical choices – Destroy (red), Control (blue), and Synthesis (green) – which really didn’t take into account anything that the player had done up to that point and painted a rather bleak picture for the post-Trilogy galaxy.

    Jokes about game developers trying to teach a masterclass in nihilism aside, fans of the series were understandably upset that the story of the main character, Commander Shepard, and their various allies, came to an end in a rather ignominious fashion that betrayed the series’ core concept of decisions having real consequences.

    There was predictable fan outrage and pranks such as the one mentioned in the article that OP linked, reaching such a crescendo that BioWare eventually released an Extended Cut that provided additional clarification on the ending and provided a slideshow reflecting the outcome of the players’ choices.

    At that point, however, the damage had been done. While a better ending than the original, the Extended Cut really didn’t solve the core player issue of offering up a trio of fairly similar endings that didn’t seem to fit with the overall plot of the series and denied players the big “hero” moment they were looking for.

    Personal aside: I thought the drama was a little bit overblown at the time but I understand why players were pissed off. The fact that better endings have been circulated from writers associated with the series through the media and the mod community has done some great work to make the ending much more palatable is a testament to how much people cared about the trilogy.

    Other personal aside: Andromeda wasn’t nearly as bad as everyone said it was, it just got memed to death and EA pulled the plug on it way too early.

  7. arcosapphire

    The worst thing about the bad ending was that it’s all that a lot of people associate the game with. Even Silicon Valley dunked on it.

    Which is unfortunate because the game itself, and all the story until that part, was incredible and absolutely worth experiencing.

  8. MrFiendish

    Mass Effect 3 is the last game that I ever preordered. Never again.

  9. Tom_Neverwinter

    It’s depressing.

    Pick your own story games are so hard.

    Guess the books make it easy

  10. husky0168

    Citadel DLC was the real ending

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