Neil Armstrong’s heart rate spiked to 150+ when NASA turned the control over to him for the moon landing.

The Apollo 11 mission as told through the astronauts’ heart rates

Those heart rate figures are what aerospace experts would expect to see for experienced, physically fit astronauts enduring the stresses of the launch. All three had flown to space before, during the Gemini program, and during that first launch, all three of their beating hearts had hit higher numbers.

On the Apollo 11 blastoff, “Neil Armstong’s rate was a little higher than everybody else’s, because he’s in charge of everything—you expect his adrenaline to be up,” reflects Dr. Ed Powers, the director of the aerospace medicine residency program at the University of Texas Medical Branch and a former NASA flight surgeon during the Shuttle era. “He’s the guy ultimately responsible for flipping all the switches required for launch—I would b… Continue Reading (3 minute read)

10 thoughts on “Neil Armstrong’s heart rate spiked to 150+ when NASA turned the control over to him for the moon landing.”

  1. RofiBie

    My heart rate hits 150 when I walk to the fridge. Not sure what all the excitement is about…

  2. Jontolo

    >Armstong’s heart beat even faster than the moment of landing while actually exploring the moon, especially in the final moments when his activities included, as described by NASA, “documented sample collection” and “transfer sample return containers.” His average was 110 bpm throughout the EVA, but spiked up to around 160 at the end. Aldrin’s average was 88.

  3. Cyberhwk

    You watching the race too?

  4. West-Painter

    He probably had a boner

  5. Rockglen

    Not surprised. Not long before the mission Armstrong had piloted a mock-landing vehicle and had to eject. Wasn’t his fault (it ran out of fuel for attitude adjustments), but yet another reason to be tense.


  6. billified

    “How do you know that? Why do you know that?”

    Gonna love this year’s Fox booth.

  7. bingold49

    Did you first learn that watching the Nascar race today?

  8. dudewiththebling

    *sweats perfusely*

  9. Trumphater45

    u were watching the daytona 500!!

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