Jeopardy! Contestants stand on adjustable platforms so that they all appear to be the same height on camera.

Mt. Washington psychologist winning big on ‘Jeopardy!’

Rebecca Wald has struggled to keep quiet about her winning ways on “Jeopardy!” For three months, she has avoided telling most of her friends and family about the outcome of her appearance from taping the popular trivia show in December in Culver City, California.

“My husband was the only person who was in on it,” she said. “I think I would have exploded if I couldn’t tell someone. They are very strict about what you can divulge to the press or on social media. They told us you can tell anyone who can keep their mouth shut. My children are terrible liars; they would not have made it three months.”

Wald, a 43-year-old private practice psychologist who lives in Mount Washington, has won $43,200 so far as a two-day “Jeopardy!” champion…. Continue Reading (3 minute read)

15 thoughts on “Jeopardy! Contestants stand on adjustable platforms so that they all appear to be the same height on camera.”

  1. niobiumnnul

    > Her appearance on the show also gained her access to a secret Facebook page of former Jeopardy! contestants, which has provided a support system of sorts.

    What other secret fb pages exist?

  2. Joe_Huxley

    Wheel of Fortune too. In the before times when Pat would actually walk up next to each contestant at the end you could notice him stepping up and down on the different platforms.

  3. Ihavesomethingtosay9

    Wow and all this time I never questioned why they were all the same height. I noticed it, but what was I thinking? “Guess all jeopardy contestants are the same height. Oh well”

  4. Vercentorix

    Was on Jeopardy, can confirm. I had the biggest booster seat and I think it contributed to my humiliation.

  5. bazziccio

    All this time I thought they gave them all different sized shoes. I’m such an idiot

  6. BUSean

    Was on the show and requested that they raise/lower the podium corresponding to your score; they said no.

  7. lll_X_lll

    Every scene in X-Files where Scully & Mulder are standing next to each other, they had her stand on a wooden board to appear taller.

    The Scully Box / Gilly board!

    This is neat, I never knew they used it on the gameshows too.

  8. Count_Von_Roo

    I was in the live audience a couple years back.. on James’ first day, actually. Anyway my favorite thing I hadn’t considered was the cable guy. When Alex interviews contestants, obviously there’s a camera guy close behind following along.. what I hadn’t thought of was the guy *behind* the camera guy who had to keep looping up the camera cables and keep them tidy as they walked through the contestants. I couldn’t keep my eyes off that man.

    It was also kinda sad when I realized we had parked next to one of the contestants. Like, they have to park up on the roof with us simpletons? lol

  9. fastal_12147

    That’s pretty common in TV. Having someone either way taller or shorter is overall distracting to the program. That’s why news anchors are all on about the same level

  10. Afraid_of_Okapi

    But how will tall people feel superior to us shorts now?

  11. IrisUnicornCorn

    Random but associated question: can someone in a wheelchair be on Jeopardy? I’ve never seen that before.

  12. sarahdara

    I was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune and this was the case, too.

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