Salt & Vinegar Pringles aren’t vegan, but Smoky Bacon Pringles are.

Are Pringles Vegan?

With Pringles, the fourth most popular snack product in the world, it might be a case of you not being able to stop once you pop, but should vegans be popping in the first place? In other words, are Pringles vegan friendly?

The good news for snack fiends is that many of the Pringles flavours available in the UK are indeed fine for vegans to consume. Though there are some that are made using products derived from animals and are not vegan (though perhaps not the flavours you suspect).

Here we go through all the flavours and varieties currently sold by Pringles in the UK and explain which are okay for vegans to chomp, and which should be avoided. Of course, whilst Pringles are undoubtedly popular, and rather moreish, that’s not to say… Continue Reading (6 minute read)

7 thoughts on “Salt & Vinegar Pringles aren’t vegan, but Smoky Bacon Pringles are.”

  1. highoncraze

    Salt and Vinegar Pringles use dairy products like milk-derived lactose, whereas Smoky Bacon Pringles use yeast products and various salts to get its flavors.

    The flavors and vegan qualifications at a glance:

    Pringles Original – Vegan

    Pringles Sweet Chilli – Vegan

    Pringles Paprika – Vegan

    Pringles Smokey Bacon Flavour – Vegan

    Pringles Texas BBQ Sauce – Vegan

    Pringles Cheese and Onion – NOT Vegan

    Pringles Cheesy Cheese – NOT Vegan

    Pringles Prawn Cocktail Flavour – NOT Vegan

    Pringles Salt & Vinegar – NOT Vegan

    Pringles Roast Chicken & Herbs – NOT Vegan

    Pringles Steak – NOT Vegan

    Pringles Sour Cream & Onion – NOT Vegan

    Pringles Hot & Spicy – NOT Vegan

  2. Deep_Drones

    Bacon flavor is mostly smoke flavor in chips. Meat flavor can come from yeast extract / glutamate.

  3. ShyningFade

    Not only are they not vegan, but they’re a nightmare for people with lactose intolerance. People think I’m insane whenever I ask if the chips are lactose free, but then again, everyone usually just assumes I’m insane anyways.

  4. littlegreyflowerhelp

    I found some haggis flavoured chips that were vegan a while back. Dad did a double take when he saw what I was eating.

  5. microphaser

    Damn really i just at 2/3 of a can. Dammit

  6. zutroyG

    Pringles were always way ahead of the curve with the vegan thing, being a vegan back in the early 2000’s was tough with a lot more limited choice than today but pringles had, and continues to have, 2 boxes on the packing, one that says “vegetarian” and the other “vegan” with a tick in the corresponding box. This was very much appreciated but also explains why I remained a fat (at the time) vegan due to the Texas BBQ flavour.

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