To renounce your United States citizenship, you have to pay a whopping fee of $2,350.

Relinquishment of United States nationality

U.S. citizenship and immigration


Immigration to the United States

Permanent Residency (Green Card)

Refugees and asylum

Diversity Immigrant Visa

Illegal immigrants


Oath of Allegiance

Birthright citizenship

U.S. citizens / nationals


Relinquishment of nationality

Honorary citizenship





United States nationality law


Colonial nationality law

Naturalization Act of 1790

Civil Rights Act of 1866

United States v. Wong Kim Ark

Indian Citizenship Act

Nationality Act of 1940

Relevant legislation

Citizenship Clause

Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 / 1965

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14 thoughts on “To renounce your United States citizenship, you have to pay a whopping fee of $2,350.”


    Just say I’m not leaving… My kids really wanted to go cancun.

  2. RelayFX

    Want to not be a citizen of this country anymore because we charge fees on everything involving the state or federal government?

    There’s a fee for that.

  3. NachzehrerL

    Or what? They’re gonna keep me as citizen?

  4. Robobvious

    And do you know what he said to me next? He said I need about 2350.

    *Twenty-three fiddy!*

    Well, it was about that time…!

  5. M4573R_CH33F

    Truly land of the fee lul

  6. bahumat42

    Yeah but if you don’t you have to pay extra income tax (most likely) at the very least waste time on their dumb tax system.

  7. sleeknub

    Kind of seems like renouncing citizenship should be free, and once you do it the US government has no business charging you any kind of fees (assuming you aren’t in the country).

  8. HotGirlOnProxy

    It’s because abandoning citizenship has dramatically grown in popularity after realizing a lot of people get way less than what they pay into the system. They’ve been raising the price over recent years to price out the poors from doing it. It’s pretty depressing

  9. Slate-Blue

    There are people who were born in America while their parents were on holiday, never set foot in the country, then 30 years later get a tax demand.

  10. neonz09

    Had a mate said it was worth every dollar. He gave it up a few years ago and hasn’t looked back since.

  11. biochemnerd12

    Rofl, anyone else find this utterly American? There are a lot of people who are seeking citizenship, which is a lengthy process in and of itself, yet when someone wants to renounce theirs, you have to pay to be rid of it?


  12. BiggyBearHealer

    If you own a US passport you must use it to enter the US. I am a dual citizen (US and Aus) who is living in Australia. A while ago my US passport expired and I never got around to renewing it because I thought I would be able to travel to the US by getting a travel Visa like anyone else and just travel on my Australian passport.

    Something came up with a family member and I needed to fly back to the States on rather short notice.

    While I was applying for the travel visa I was informed that because I am a US citizen I MUST use my US passport. My initial thought was to just renounce my US passport (and citizenship) because I have no real need for it now and I thought it would save me the cost of renewing it.

    Not only is there a $2000+ bill attached to renouncing your citizenship, you also have to do it in front of a panel of officials at a US embassy.

    In the end I just applied for an expedited passport renewal and got a new passport in about 10 days, but it was a real learning experience.

  13. kovyvok

    Do you get a discount if you storm the Capitol?

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