Wayne Gretzky is the only Hockey player to have scored over 200 points in a season, and did so a total of four times. His stunning success as a Hockey player was immortalized in the fact that not only did is own team retire 99, Gretzky’s Jersey number, but the league as whole did as well!

Wayne Gretzky

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Wayne Gretzky

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Wayne Douglas Gretzky CC (/ˈɡrɛtski/; born January 26, 1961) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player and former head coach. He played 20 seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL) for four teams f… Continue Reading (44 minute read)

10 thoughts on “Wayne Gretzky is the only Hockey player to have scored over 200 points in a season, and did so a total of four times. His stunning success as a Hockey player was immortalized in the fact that not only did is own team retire 99, Gretzky’s Jersey number, but the league as whole did as well!”


    My favorite Gretzky stat I haven’t seen elsewhere in the thread is this one: Three players have recorded 100 assists in a single season. Mario Lemieux once, Bobby Orr once, and Gretzky 11 seasons in a row.

  2. Justice-Gorsuch

    For those who don’t follow hockey, points are a players goals plus their assists, where they made one of the two final passes before a goal was scored. Essentially Points = Goals + Assists

    Wayne Gretzky has more career assists than anyone else has points in NHL history.

  3. LawsListens

    Some great stats in this thread, so I’ll just share some of my favorite quotes about him:

    >…Gretzky seemed to be able to, in effect, slow down time. “There is an unhurried grace to everything Gretzky does on the ice. Winding up for the slapshot, he will stop for an almost imperceptible moment at the top of his arc, like a golfer with a rhythmic swing.” Gzowski explains that another skill often possessed by elite athletes is that they have “more room in the flow of time” than ordinary athletes.[123] “Gretzky uses this room to insert an extra beat into his actions. In front of the net, eyeball to eyeball with the goaltender . . . he will . . . hold the puck one . . . extra instant, upsetting the anticipated rhythm of the game, extending the moment. . . He distorts time, and not only by slowing it down. Sometimes he will release the puck before he appears to be ready, threading the pass through a maze of players precisely to the blade of a teammate’s stick, or finding a chink in a goaltender’s armour and slipping the puck into it . . . before the goaltender is ready to react.”

    >…Gretzky’s skill as an athlete was not all mental. Like Gordie Howe, he possessed “an exceptional capacity to renew his energy resources quickly.” In 1980, an exercise physiologist tested all of the Edmonton Oilers, and when he saw the results of Gretzky’s test of recuperative abilities, he said “he thought the machine had broken.”

    And the best one:

    >…Fellow Hockey Hall of Famer Denis Potvin compared attempting to hit Gretzky to “wrapping your arms around fog. You saw him but when you reached out to grab him your hands felt nothing, maybe just a chill.”

  4. Slayerkid13

    He’s also the fastest player to score 1000 points AND the second fastest player to score 1000 points. He Scored his first 1000 over 424 games and his 2nd 1000 over 433 games.

  5. doctor_seuss_

    In Edmonton, Wayne used to date a girl who’s brother had Down syndrome – his name was Joey. Wayne got Joey a job as the locker room attendant – he held that job for over 3 decades and Joey Moss became a hero in Edmonton. Joey passed away in October. From what I know Wayne would always call Joey on his birthday. Not just good at hockey that guy

  6. An8thOfFeanor

    Dude broke the entire sport, and nobody else will even come close to holding the number of records he has held

  7. 53withtrollhair

    Wayne in his prime in general sports competition. He cleans house.

  8. SaintSimpson

    And from what I hear, many youth hockey coaches on the continent won’t allow their players to wear 99.

  9. Baby_Belugas

    Fav Gretzky fact: he had a superstition about tucking in half of his jersey.

    This started because as a kid he was so good that he was constantly playing with older teams, so they would never have a jersey small enough for him and he would have to bunch it up and tuck it in. Such a superb flex.

  10. tdfast

    If your measure of greatest is how you measure up to your contemporaries, Gretzky is unquestionably the greatest athlete of the four major North American sports. He was so much better than the other players, which included some all time greats.

    The only player with 2000 points and he almost had that many assists, while leading for career goals.

    The only 4 200 point seasons.

    Won the scoring race on his assists alone multiple times.

    100 goals in a season counting playoffs.

    One of the greatest goal scorers in the league got 50 goals in 50 games. The next season Gretzky got 50 goals but in 39 games.

    The list is just endless.

    Just a bit more.

    To match Gretzky’s dominance of breaking the season points record by getting 215 points breaking the non-Gretzky record of 152 points:

    Tiger would have had to win 26 Majors to Jack’s 18.

    Mahomes would have to break the record of 55 TD passes by throwing 78 touchdowns! And throw 7700 yards.

    The new home run record would be 103!

    Those numbers aren’t even realistic or conceivable. But Gretzky did it.

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