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How Did Two Friends Use Their Buddy’s Ashes to Catch a 180-Pound Carp?

There are many ways we can pay tribute to our loved ones after they pass. But what can be better than having their ashes used for something they truly love?

When Ron “Ronnie” Hopper succumbed to cancer, his two friends, Paul Fairbrass and Cliff Dale decided to revisit Thailand and use his ashes as bait. The trio loved to fish, and this was a great way to preserve his memory.

The Tale of Three Friends

Ronnie, Paul and Cliff were more than just fishing buddies. They were best friends. They would often go on vacation together to do what they loved the most – fish.

On one of their trips to Thailand, at the Jurassic Mountain Resort and Fishing Park, Ronnie caught a massive carp with his favorite purple peg. The fish weighed about 154 pounds and was definitely a catch for the books. This was just one of many fishing trips they went on. (Source: Inside Edition)

What Happened to Ronnie?

At the age of 64, Ronnie passed away after his long battle with cancer. He was not able to go on another fishing trip with his two friends.

This is when Paul and Cliff decided to pay tribute to their dear friend in a rather unique way. While most would choose to spread ashes of their loved ones across a special place, Ronnie’s two friends decided to mix his ashes with their fishing bait to catch fish with him.

With the ash-mixed bait and his favorite purple peg, Ronnie was ready to fish for one last time. The two friends fondly called it Purple Ronnie.

Did Purple Ronnie Catch Anything?

With the bait and peg, the pair was able to reel in a giant carp even larger than the one Ronnie had caught years before. The tribute carp weighed about 180 pounds.

The friends were featured on the social media page of the Jurassic Mountain Resort and Fishing Park. The park staff too were in utter disbelief and was quite creeped out by the fact that Cliff and Paul had used their dead friend’s remains to catch the massive carp.

This story got mixed reactions. With some saying that Ronnie’s ashes should have been dealt with better, or that the friends shouldn’t have used it as bait. Whereas others understood the Paul and Cliff’s decision saying, “it’s a fisherman’s thing, you wouldn’t understand.” (Source: Unilad)

Watch their story here.

Where is the Jurassic Mountain Resort and Fishing Park?

If you are a big on fishing, visiting the Jurassic Mountain Resort and Fishing Park should be on the top of your bucket list. It is a fishing resort located in Cha-am, Thailand just a 2-hour drive away from the capital.

The fishing park is home to the largest carps in the world. If you’re looking to catch really big game, or add more species to your catch-list. This is definitely the place to visit.

Since the park houses very rare fishes too, anglers are made to follow very strict rules to make sure that the fishes they catch are released back. Photographs may be taken, but you are not allowed to bring the fish to the bank. All photos must be shot while you are in the water. (Source: Carp Fishing World)

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