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Boring, Bland, and Dull: Unexciting or Some Very Unique Town Names?

There are tons of peculiar city names we’ve come to see over the years. There are some that make more impact on us than others. From the more peculiar names like Two Egg, Florida or Intercourse, Pennsylvania, what seemingly uninteresting names are there?

Three towns called Boring, Bland and Dull have decided to form a group called “The League of Extraordinary Communities”. They are also fondly known as the “Trinity of Tedium” because of their dreary yet quite unique town names.

Boring, Oregon

Of the three towns, Boring is the biggest. They are located in Clackamas County just up north of the state of Oregon. The town houses about 13,000 residents.

The town was named in honor of William Harrison Boring. He was Union soldier who fought in the civil war. He started a little settlement in the area in the 1870s with his wife Sarah and brother Joseph.

In 1883, William donated a portion of his land for a school house. This was when the community granted the name “Boring”.

The town of Boring became a hub for the timber industry when railroads started. This began during World War I and continued on up to the 20th century. The town is also home to a large amount of dairy farms, berry farms, and plant nurseries. (Source: ABC News)

Bland Shire, Australia

Bland Shire is a small town just by the Riverina region in New South Wales. The have a population of 5,985 and cover about 3,310 square miles of space.

The community of Bland Shire used to be a gold prospecting area. The town was named after William Bland, an English doctor who heavily criticized Governor Macquarie’s ill treatment of farmers. Soon after, he joined the committee of the Australian Landowners Association to fight against the land regulations that were set. (Source: Journal of the Australian Catholic Historical Society)

Dull, Scotland

Dull is a small village located in Perth and Kinross, Scotland. It is a very small community consisting of only a single street of houses on the north of the River Tay Valley.

Unlike the first two towns, which were named after people. The name Dull came from the word dol which meant water-meadow, haugh.

The are about 84 people living in Dull as of 2012. Making it the smallest of the three towns. But it was not always this small, in 1951 Dull had a population of over 2,000 people. (Source: Pictish Progress)

Tourists who decide to see this little town, make most of the fresh air and great outdoors. Hiking, white-water rafting, and visiting the beautiful waterfalls in Birks of Aberfeldy should be on the top of your list when visiting. (Source: Independent)

Together in Tedium

The three towns celebrate their extraordinary communities every August 9th. This started back in 2012 when Dull, Scotland decided to put aside the negative connotations of their name and partner up with Boring, Oregon. Bland, Australia joined the group in 2017 and the Trinity of Tedium was formed.

The three towns, with their unexciting names, have had a surge of visitors who come to see their little towns for the perfect shot of their signs. Quite the boost in tourism. (Source: Independent)

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