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Why Did the Actual Owner of Walter White’s House Hate Breaking Bad?

The TV series Breaking Bad was released in 2008 and ran for 5 seasons. While most production use elaborate mock-ups and sets for shoots, Walter White’s house in the show was real! The property was rented by the producers during filming and it turned into a popular tourist attraction during the height of the series. So, why did the actual owner of the home hate breaking bad?

The owner of Walter White’s house was not fond of the series when fans kept throwing pizzas on their rooftop. After repeated incidents, the creator of the show, Vince Gilligan had to make a public plea for the fans to stop.

Why Were Fans Throwing Pizzas?

In one of the episodes, Walter White threw an entire unsliced pie onto the top of the house’s roof. This scene became quite iconic that fans would occasionally show up at the real home where the series was shot to do the same.

Francis and Louis Padilla, were starting to explore different ways to prevent fans from trespassing on their property. At the height of the show’s popularity nearly 200 fans would show up at their house each day. Some would come with a box of unsliced pizza.

We’ve had pizzas on our roof. We’ve had pizzas on our driveway. Pizzas until we’re sick of looking at pizzas. I’ll sit outside with a shotgun in a rocking chair. You know, like Granny from Beverly Hillbillies.

Francis Padilla

This prank got quite problematic for the homeowners that the creator of the show had to publicly ask fans to stop the nonsense.

Let me tell ya, there’s nothing original, funny, or cool about throwing pizzas on this lady’s roof. It’s just not funny. It’s been done before. You’re not the first.

Vince Gilligan

Watch the scene here. (Source: Time)

How Many Times Did Bryan Cranston Shoot the Pizza Scene?

The iconic scene was surprisingly shot in one take! The production prepared ten boxes of pizza just in case they had to reshoot. They even allotted hours for Bryan Cranston to get the shot right, but he did it all in just one take. The perfect shot was possible because the pizza was unsliced. (Source: Time)

Was Bryan Cranston the First Choice for the Role?

At the inception of the show, the role of Walter White was offered to John Cusack and Matthew Broderick. Both actors passed on the role. Bryan Cranston was well known for his part in the sitcom Malcolm in the Middle. The producers were not initially fans of Cranston due to his comedic history, which seemed arbitrary for an antihero.

But Gilligan pushed for his casting after he remembered his performance on the X-Files.

We needed somebody who could be dramatic and scary yet have an underlying humanity so when he dies, you felt sorry for him.

Vince Gilligan

To convince the executives, Gilligan showed them several tapes of Cranston’s performance in the 90s show. Needless to say, this won them over. (Source: Insider)

What Awards Did The Show Get?

The show had a total of 248 nominations from several organizations and entertainment guilds. They won 92 awards including an Emmy for the Best Drama Series. (Source: Wikipedia)

They were also recognized by the Guinness World Records for achieving the Highest Rated TV Series with a metascore of 99 out of a hundred. (Source: Hollywood Reporter)

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