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What Does the Quran Say About Mother Mary?

Islam is one of the major monotheistic religions in the world. Even though there are significant differences between the beliefs of muslims and other religions, there are elements in the holy scriptures that are quite similar. Mother Mary was a prominent figure in the bible, but did you know she was also mentioned in the Quran?

Muslims learn about the teachings of Islam from their holy book called the Quran. Mary, the mother of Jesus, was referenced 70 times in the said book. She was held in a very high regard, and was identified as one of the greatest women.

How is Mary Described in the Quran?

In the Quran, Mary had the name Maryam Binat Imran. She is the only woman named in the holy scripture. She is described to be angelic and pure. Which is exactly why God has chosen her. According to the scriptures, she was surrounded by divine grace from birth.

She was known as the Prophetess, the Virgin, the Purified, the Exalted, the Mother of Isa, the Mother of the Messiah, the Keeper of Chastity, the Mystic, the Female Exemplar, the Maternal Heroine, and the Queen of the Saints. (Source: American Magazine)

Which Chapters was Mary Talked About?

In the Quran, Mary’s story was told in three Meccan Chapters, four Medinan surahs, and the 19th Surah is was named after her. It was entitled Maryam. In fact, the Quran talks about Mary more compared to the Bible.

She was incredibly praised in the holy book that there are mosques named after her:

  1. Mary Mother of Jesus Mosque in Australia
  2. Mosque Maryam in Chicago
  3. Qal’bu Maryam Women’s Mosque in California
  4. Maryam Umm Eisa in the UAE
  5. Mariam Al-Batool Mosque in Malta
  6. Mary Mosque in Ireland

    (Source: American Magazine)

What is Mary’s Story in the Quran?

Mary was born to Imran (Joachim) and Hannah (Saint Anne). In the Quran, it narrates how Imran and Hannah were already old, but they were still childless. One day, Hannah saw a bird feeding her chicks, and that is when she decided that she wanted to have a child. She prayed to God and vowed that if she was given a child, she would devote her life to His service.

When Mary was born, she was said to be surrounded by divinity. It did not specifically say that she grew up in the temple but she stayed in her own private chamber. She was under the care of prophet Zechariah, who was the brother-in-law of her mother. Whenever he would visit Mary, he would find her with food. When asked where she had gotten them from, she would say that God had provided it for her. (Source: American Magazine)

Was the Story of Jesus’ Birth the Same?

The virgin birth of Jesus is vital in the Quran. It was known as one of God’s miracles. The first mention of this miracle was on Quran 19:20 when Mary asks Gabriel how she would be able to conceived without having been touched by anyone. The birth happens in Quran 66:12. This is where it is written that Mary remained pure.

According to the scriptures, Mary was chosen twice by God. She was first chosen to be given to Imran and Hannah, and the second was when she was chosen to be the virgin mother. Thus making her the chosen one from all the women in the world.

Jesus’ conception and birth were similar to the bible, with just a few details varying. (Source: American Magazine)

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