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Who Were the Adamites?

Going back to the story in the bible, original sin started when Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge even after God had told them not to. Now there has been so much debate on the validity of the very contents of the Holy Book, but there are actually different sects and groups that sprung from that particular story.

The Adamites were an Early Christian group that started during the 2nd century. The group was founded upon the belief of Adam’s innocence. The members professed to have regained their own primeval innocence and have an unorthodox way of practicing their faith.

The Adam and Eve Story

God created all the land animals and humans on the 6th day. God created Adam first, who is said to be made in His image. He decided to give Adam a companion, and took out his rib to create the first woman – Eve.

He let them live in paradise with a bountiful land and dominion over the animals. But He gave them specific instructions not to consume the fruit from the tree of knowledge.

Satan, entered the body of a serpent to lead Eve into temptation. He told her that once she ate the fruit from the tree, she would possess the same knowledge God had.

By the time she tasted the fruit, she offered it to Adam. And that was the time when the future of all humanity had changed. God spoke to Adam, Eve and the serpent and punished them for all eternity.

How Did the Adamites Start?

This sect of heretics was founded in Northern Africa somewhere between the second and third centuries.

Soon after similar sects were observed in Central Europe during the latter part of the middle ages.

The groups all started believing in Adam’s innocence and started pretending to be him before the original sin happened. They would attend assemblies naked and would call their church facilities paradise. (Source: Biblicalcyclopedia)

Who Founded the Group?

The founder of the group is said to be Prodicus, a disciple of Carpocrates. He was a Gnostic teacher during the 2nd century and was not trusted by most for his scanty behavior.

He was a very controversial fellow who was associated with Valentinus. They talked about his teachings of God. They were quite radical and obscure. In a passage written by Tertullian, Prodicus and Valentinus are talked about. The pair are known to say that Christ did not wish His disciples to confess publicly. They also talked about an opposition to the Creator – not just one but several other gods. (Source: Biblia)

Are There Still Adamites Today?

Several cults and sects have emerged over the turn of the century. In Europe, several groups were said to have the same style or doctrines.

In the Netherlands, around the 13th century, a group called the Brethen of the Free Spirit revived the rather odd teachings of the Adamites. Soon after the Taborites of Bohemia followed. By the 14th century Germans founded the Beghards. Needless to say, the mainstream churches were firmly against their stand.

Today, there are tens and thousands of secluded groups that practice different rituals based on their beliefs. It’s really hard to tell if they are still around and practicing when there are no groups out in the open.

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