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How Did a Chauffeur Know That Pixar Was Making Soul?

Soul is an animated fantasy produced by Pixar Animation Studios but was released under Walt Disney Pictures in 2020. The animation was directed by Kemp Powers and Pete Docter.

Before details on the Pixar animation was ever released to the public, a black chauffeur mentioned to one of the directors that he knew Pixar was making a black film, because he had never driven that many black people to Pixar in the past.

What is the Film All About?

The plot of the film is quite simple. The story is about a middle school music teacher by the name of Joe Gardner. He feels very unfulfilled with his life, and dreams of a career in jazz. His mother, Libba, disagrees with him. His former student, Curly, tells him about an opening in the band of Dorothea Williams. She was very impressed with Joe’s playing and offers him the job. Joe heads to his performance when he falls down a manhole, and everything started to change. (Source: IMDB)

Were all the Voice Actors of the Film Black?

The voice casted for the lead role and some minor roles were black, but they had other talents like Tina Fey, Graham Norton, and Rachel House too. Jamie Foxx played the voice of Joe, while Tina Fey played the voice of 22. (Source: IMDB)

What is the Message Behind the Soul Movie?

Soul was know to be Pixar’s first adult movie. It dealt with the realities of existential crisis. How mortality plays a vital role in our lives. By finding the true meaning of life, we realize how purpose is essential to us. (Source: IMDB)

Who is Kemp Powers?

Kemp Powers is one of the directors and writers of Soul. He was best known for his work on the play One Night in Miami and Star Trek: Discovery.

In 2018, he co-wrote Soul with Pete Docter, and also co-directed with him too. He won an award for Best Writing Feature at the Annie Awards quite recently. Powers has been nominated for several awards in this year too, some of which include the Academy Award in Best Adapted Screenplay and the Critic’s Choice Award under the same category as well.

He was also the director the chauffeur talked to about his speculations on Pixar making a black film. (Source: IMDB)

Who is Pete Docter?

Pete Docter was more than just a director and writer, he was also an experienced animator and voice actor as well. Before he joined Pixar, he created three animations; Next Door, Palm Springs and Winter. He started a job at Pixar in 1990 and directed his first animation; Monsters Inc. He also played an integral role in the development of the Toy Story Series and A Bugs Life. (Source: IMDB)

How Much Did the Film Earn?

The film had an estimated budget of $150 Million but only earned a total of $119 Million in worldwide sales. Considering that this film came out during the pandemic, it makes sense. But this doesn’t mean that the film was a flop, on the contrary, the film was one of the top-rated animations. (Source: IMDB)

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