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Who Did It First? The Simpsons or Stephen King?

The Simpsons have been around for almost 30 years. They’re quite famous for predicting certain events that no one would have even thought of back in the day. About 20 years ago, they aired an episode that predicted Donald Trump would one day become the President of the United States. But as far as prediction goes, there has been some conflict between the famous novelist; Stephen King and the creators of the show.

Stephen King published a novel called Under the Dome in 2009. This was a few years after a similar plot was shown on the Simpson’s show. The best-selling author found himself gobsmacked. One thing is for sure; the Simpsons did it better.

What was the Plot of Stephen King’s Novel?

When we thought the King of Horror stopped making books, he came out with a science fiction novel back in 2009.

Under the Dome is the 58th of King’s creations. The plot is set in a small town in Maine, and it tells the story of how the town’s people deal with the challenges after being cut off from the outside world when an impassible dome encases their city. (Source: The Telegraph)

How Did Stephen King Take It?

CBS turned the novel into a whole new drama series and has definitely lived up to the expectations of King’s fans. Other viewers labeled the show as a visual delight because of the extraordinary lengths production has taken.

It didn’t take long for others to compare the show to a Simpson’s movie that aired years before. When this reached King, he was completely shocked at the discovery.

I never saw it. I was just totally gob smacked and blindsided when people started to say, oh, ‘The Simpsons’ already did this.’ I’m thinking to myself, I’m so glad that I wrote my book beforehand or I kind of would have been kind of like down, but you know what, I saw the previews to that movie and I don’t remember Springfield being under a dome.

Stephen King

(Source: Times of India)

King may argue that stories can be unique as no two individuals would have the same imagination. But the novels King makes and the Simpsons can be quite similar at the same time since they are both big names in pop culture. In such cases where there is a great amount of similarity, execution plays a vital role. (Source: Johnny Cat)

Did Stephen King Accidentally Leak His Idea to Someone?

Some rumors are circulating that King may have mentioned his story idea to Matt Groening, the cartoonist of The Simpsons, which would explain why this had happened. Nonetheless, it is evident that the Simpsons did it first, and they did it better. it is evident that the Simpsons did it first, and they did it better. (Source: Johnny Cat)

How Did the Fans React?

Several media outlets claimed that King had stolen the plot from the Simpsons, which did not sit well with several of his fans. The rose to his defense.

This annoys because it calls into question Kings integrity. Plagiarism is a bad word. What is right under the surface of this kind of argument is the notion that King is out of ideas; he is now turning to the Simpsons for material. So both the Simpsons and Under The Dome had a Dome – might I point out that Old Yeller and Cujo both have a rabid dog?

Johnny Cat

(Source: Talk Stephen King)

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