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What Happened to Ronald McDonald?

While McDonald’s has been around since the late 40s, it was only in 1963 when they officially made Ronald McDonald the corporation’s face. But where is this famous clown now?

The McDonald’s Corporation quietly phased out their iconic mascot, Ronald McDonald; after the 2016 clown scare videos started going viral, clowns really started to scare people.

How Did McDonald’s Start?

One of the largest fast-food chains in the world is McDonald’s. You can see a store in almost any country in the world. But how did it start?

The very first McDonald’s opened in 1948 in San Bernardino, California. It was a joint effort by brothers Maurice “Mac” and Richard McDonalds. The duo purchased most of their equipment from a restaurant salesman named Ray Kroc. He wondered why the two needed several malt and shake mixers. Kroc was very intrigued by their requests that he visited them. He found out that the brothers were producing a massive amount of food and selling it for low prices. (Source: Britannica)

How Much Did It Cost To Order from McDonald’s?

When they started operations, they charged 15 cents per burger. This was practically half the amount of what other restaurants charge. The brothers also devised a self-service method that eliminated the need of hiring wait staff which lessened their overhead expenses. (Source: Britannica)

What Made McDonald’s Different?

Aside from the low prices and the lack of wait staff, McDonald’s was known to serve their customers fast food literally. Although the concept of fast food wasn’t new, McDonald’s did use their time wisely.

Customers were able to get their food ahead of time because the hamburgers were cooked ahead, wrapped, and kept warm under heat lamps. (Source: Britannica)

When Did They Start Franchising?

Ray Kroc saw a lot of potential in the business. He offered the brothers a franchise program. By April 15, 1955, Kroc opened the first McDonald’s in Des Plaines, Illinois. In the same year, he registered the restaurant as a corporation and bought out the brothers by 1961.

When Was Ronald McDonald Created?

With any business, branding is essential. The golden arch symbol of McDonald’s was established in 1962. Ronald McDonald was created a year later. Back then, clowns were not feared but were loved by all. This gave McDonald’s a huge advantage, especially with the kids. (Source: Business Insider)

Facts About Ronald McDonald

We haven’t been seeing a lot of the iconic mascot in recent years. But here are some facts about him.

  • The first Ronald McDonald was played by Willard Scott in the Washington DC ad. In the ad, Ronald would magically pull out hamburgers from his belt. He wore a nose made out of the McDonald’s cup and had a sytrofoam burger hat.
  • The ad agency working with McDonald’s then opted to use a cowboy since TV westerns were quite popular at the time. They also thought of making him an astronaut.
  • Since the national space program was being developed, one of the most popular ads of Ronald was the one where he flew in a flying saucer that looked like a hamburger.

Whenever people asked about Ronald McDonald, the company had a smart response.

Ronald hasn’t been here because he’s out in the field busy doing work and fighting through the protesters.

Jim Skinner, McDonald CEO

(Source: Business Insider)

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