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What Was the Original Ending of the Film “Pretty Woman”?

Pretty Woman was a movie released in 1990 that millions of people have known to love. It is a story of an unlikely relationship between a businessman and a prostitute, and how a budding and unexpected romance bloomed. With a happy, fairytale ending despite the conflicts depicted in the movie, who wouldn’t enjoy the film? 

Pretty Woman’s original ending was the opposite of the fairytale-like scene shown through theater screens. Similar to Vivian’s experience as a prostitute, the ending showed Edward throwing $3,000 at her before wordlessly driving off. 

The “Pretty Woman” As Is

Pretty Woman is a romantic-comedy movie released in 1990, directed by Gary Marshall, based on a screenplay by J.F. Lawton.  Richard Gere plays the businessman swimming in luxury, Edward Lewis. While Julia Roberts plays the improbable opposite of Gere’s role, a prostitute named Vivian Ward.

Edward Lewis was a corporate raider based in New York. He profits from many struggling companies, selling their assets to gain money. With his job comes many business trips, and when the opportunity would present itself, he would call his girlfriend to accompany him. Lewis calls his girlfriend, but it doesn’t end too well as she ends the relationship, generally tired of her role in Lewis’ life as a “beck and call” girl.

When Lewis was leaving a business party in Hollywood Hills, he took his lawyer’s car, ending up in the pleasure district of Hollywood Boulevard. Vivian and Lewis met here, where he pays her to drive him to the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel because of his difficulties in handling a manual car.

When they’ve arrived at Lewis’ room, he decides to book her for the night. Charmed by Vivian’s personality, he hires Vivian to take on the role of being his girlfriend for the many business events he was to attend, paying her a large quantity of 3,000 dollars for the booked six days and a whole new wardrobe.  

They’ve faced many issues in their time together. In the end, Vivian was the first to admit that she’s already loved him. Returning to New York, Lewis entirely changes his ways in handling his business, angering one of his workmates, Philip. Consumed by blind anger, Philip attempts to harass Vivian in the hotel room Lewis was supposedly staying. Lewis barges just at the right time to save Vivian.

In the ending of Pretty Woman, Lewis and Vivian share a romantic kiss at the fire escape of her apartment. (Source: Pretty Woman

The Tragic $3,000 Ending

The ending of Pretty Woman was promising and always leaves the audience with a feeling of awe and hope. The influence of the moving relationship of Lewis and Vivian filled the hearts of the people with romance and giddiness. 

As some might know, the passion-filled ending of Pretty Woman wasn’t originally supposed to be like that. From the screenplay of J.F. Lawton entitled 3,000, the ending should’ve shown money being carelessly thrown to Vivian as Lewis drove away. There was no love, no promises of being rescued, no talk of dreams. 

Julia Roberts admitted that she was uncomfortable doing a heavy movie like 3,000. The movie company even folded just days after Roberts received confirmation that she was playing Vivian. Despite the setbacks she experienced, Walt Disney came to save the day, saving the movie from its original roots of darkness. 
A new director, Gary Marshall, was hired and revealed the modified script to Roberts. That modified script was the first materialization of the movie people recognize today as Pretty Woman. Julia Roberts was much more comfortable with the changed storyline, mentioning that she was thankful because she could’ve never played her initial role in 3,000.  (Source: Pretty Woman

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