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How Did Two Boys from Dublin Run Away to New York?

Keith Byrne and Noel Murray, these boys quickly became famous in 1985 for their flawless effort in traveling from one country to another country without spending much.

Escaping many authorities was seemingly an easy task for Keith Byrne and Noel Murray. Both boys were able to sneak into many transport vehicles just to meet their favorite celebrity.

The Mischievous Plot

Sergeant Bosco Albert Baracus or Sergeant Bad Attitude, played by Lawrence Tureaud or more commonly known as Mr. T, is one of the protagonists of the action-packed television show A-team. B.A. Baracus’ appearance in the show lasted from 1983 until 1987 when the show got canceled. (Source: All Vipp

Keith Byrne, aged 10, with Noel Murray, aged 13, both agreed to a plan to travel to New York for the sole sake of meeting Sergeant Bosco Albert from ATeam, who was their favorite television star.

Since they were from Darndale, Dublin, one would’ve thought that nothing would happen from their agreement as they needed to stop at more than one country before arriving in New York. It would be a hassle, even for adults, but for the two children – the process was merely a step they needed to take to meet Sergeant B.A. Baracus.

The venture of Byrne and Murray started with acquiring the permission of their mom to play outside. Keith Byrne states that when his mom advised the two children not to go far because dinner was nearly finished. Before leaving, he only replied I won’t. (Source: The Irish Post

The Journey to New York

Before sneaking into a boat to Holyhead, Wales, they first rode a dart train to Dún Laoghaire. They successfully avoided the crew who checked the tickets. Filled with giddiness, they immediately transferred to a train headed to London.

Stealing a few coins from a charity fountain, they eventually wound up in Heathrow Airport in London. Arriving at Heathrow Airport, the two children inquired from a civilian their final destination. When the civilian answered To New York, their success became set in stone, or so they thought. The flight’s security and ticket checker were fooled easily, saying that their parents were following them before boarding an Air India airplane.

Two months before the two children snuck in the flight, an Air India aircraft had exploded in the southwest area of Ireland, consequentially causing the death of 329 people. This event further emphasized the lack of security that Air India needed.

Keith explained that the easiness of sneaking into the flight was because the airplane was only half full. Aboard the Air Indian plane, Byrne remembered the spicy Indian curry served to him that he couldn’t eat. Apart from that, he also remembered watching A View to Kill, a famous James Bond movie, on the flight.

Their happiness was cut short when they departed the plane, and their soiled plan became final when both children asked a police officer how to get “into town.” The police officer then took them to a police station, where the police questioned them regarding their absurd situation.

Subsequent to hearing their story, they quarantined the children in a hotel suite with five guards stationed at their door to eliminate the chances of their escape. Even though the situation would be seemingly hard for others, Byrne and Murray reveled as they were served many types of delicious food. (Source: The Irish Post

Don’t Go Far!

Keith Byrne and Noel Murray’s story amused thousands of people with their journey. Their lengthy adventure reached the headlines of many newspapers, and soon – their journey would be the plot of a new movie.

Connor Ryan, the writer of the soon-to-be-movie entitled Don’t Go Far, is reported to be currently working with the acclaimed American producer, Frank Marshall. Frank Marshall is well-known for his productions in cooperation with Steven Spielberg.

Marshall was very excited about the making of the film, saying that Don’t Go Far is just the feel-good movie everybody needs to see. (Source: The Irish Post

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