Stu, the IT guy from “what we do in the shadows”, is in fact an IT guy named Stu in real life. He thought he was on set to help with IT related tasks and had no idea how big his part in the movie was until filming was almost wrapped

IT guy turns accidental film star

It’s out of the shadows and into the spotlight for IT guy turned actor Stu Rutherford.

At film festival screenings of their new movie, the fans don’t reserve their loudest cheer for celebrated writers and co-stars Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi. Instead, says Clement, they “erupt” when “Stu the IT guy!” wanders on stage.

Other than a 30-second cameo involving a fork being jammed in his face, Clement and Waititi’s smart vampire mockumentary What We do in the Shadows is 38-year-old Stuart Rutherford’s first screen credit. He is, however, quite handy at writing computer code and advising your business on its software requirements.

What apparently began as an elaborate gag – casting an IT guy named Stu as an IT guy named Stu – ha…
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