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Why Doesn’t Lamborghini Make TV Ads?

Lamborghini is internationally famous for its high-performance luxury sports car, but even with the benefits of advertising on-screen, they still refuse to use TV commercials. Now one might wonder how does their brand survives without using TV commercials.

Lamborghini completely avoids TV advertising because it only reaches 1% of prospective Lamborghini buyers, which makes it inefficient. In turn, the move would ultimately cheapen their brand.  

The History of the Esteemed Lamborghini

After World War II, the founder of the Lamborghini, Ferrucio Lamborghini, constructed a business that assembled tractors from excess military machinery in Bologna, Italy.

Ferrucio expanded the services he offered, producing air-conditioners and heating systems. With the success of his business, he flourished in richness. With his money, he bought numerous luxury sports cars, one of which was a Ferrari.

After some time, Ferrucio became troubled with the mechanical complications he faced with his Ferrari. The difficulties he experienced solidified his life-changing decision of beginning his unique luxury sports car business. He even went as far as hiring a highly skilled engineer that previously worked for Ferrari. (Source: History

With that said, the Automobili Lamborghini officially launched in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, in 1963. The Lamborghini made its debut of its first car in the same year with the Lamborghini 350 GTV, with its first public appearance at the Turin Auto Show. Because of its smooth success, it became the first Lamborghini car to be mass-produced.

The Lamborghini Logo, a bull, referenced the Taurus zodiac sign of Ferrucio Lamborghini. Many Lamborghini car models are related to bulls or the act of bullfighting. One example of this is the Miura, the last name of Don Eduardo Miura, who bred fighting bulls. During the debut of the Miura, it was the fastest car in the world, setting new standards in luxury sports car production. (Source: Lamborghini

With the problems Ferrucio encountered in his tractor business in the 1970s, he soon decided to sell his luxury sports car business before retiring. In the 1990s, the Lamborghini landed in the hands of the German manufacturer Volkswagen. Volkswagen consistently produced high-quality cars, including but not limited to the Gallardo and the Murcielago. (Source: History

The Lamborghini’s Strategical Advertising

The target market of Lamborghini is affluent middle-aged men. Albeit middle-aged men usually watch television, Lamborghini deems television advertising in Lamborghini as unhelpful and inefficient.

It is factual that most Americans watch television, but television advertising will only reach 1% of prospective Lamborghini customers. A television advert is an inefficient high expenditure because most of the people it will reach are people who lack the money to buy the Lamborghini.

In addition to that, Lamborghini fears that television adverts will only cheapen their appearance as most accessible car brands like Ford and Kia already consume TV adverts.

The advertising methods of Lamborghini are to utilize the benefits that come with social media, car-centered television shows, motor shows, luxury car magazines, and unique dealer promotions. Each provides its distinctive advantages to getting consumers.

A powerful platform for Lamborghini to showcase their new launches is acclaimed motor shows, such as the Geneva Motor Show. Meanwhile, television programs increase marketing by word of mouth. Moreover, magazines similar to the Robb Report are consumed by people who can buy a Lamborghini and other luxury products.

The most efficient way that Lamborghini advertises is through the use of social media and influencers. Making deals with popular youtube channels through offering them temporary access to new cars and inviting influencers to the Lamborghini headquarters are the most guaranteed yet cheap ways to gain traction. (Source: Luxury Viewer

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