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Who Tutored Alexander the Great?

Yes, you read that right. Alexander the Great had a private tutor. But that’s nothing new for the elites of his time. The Macedonian king started learning about science in his teenage years, but did you know who his tutor was?

Aristotle tutored Alexander the Great. Alexander developed a love for science, especially in the fields of botany and medicine. He would often include botanists and scientists in his army to be able to study the lands he conquered.

Who is Alexander the Great?

Alexander the Great is also known as Alexander III or Alexander of Macedonia. He was known to be one of the greatest generals in history. With his leadership, he conquered the eastern Mediterranean, Middle East, Egypt, and several parts of Asia quickly. His empire was known to be highly influential in different aspects of culture. (Source: National Geographic)

Alexander the Great Growing Up

Alexander the Great was born in Pella, Macedonia, around 356 BCE. He was taught to play the lyre, read, and write at a young age. This sparked his interest in the arts and literature.

By the time he became a teenager, King Philip II had hired Aristotle to be his private tutor. He studied with the great philosopher for three years. Aristotle used his own teachings to conduct classes with the young prince. Alexander developed a love for science because of these classes and was incredibly engrossed with medicine and botany. (Source: National Geographic)

How Did Aristotle Influence Alexander the Great

Alexander truly enjoyed learning from Aristotle. By the time he was leading armies to conquer lands, he had taken it upon himself to include scientists. The reason behind this is to be able to understand and study the lands they reached.

Aside from the sciences, Aristotle provided Alexander with knowledge based on Ethics and Politics. Aristotle believed that barbarians were, by nature, meant to be slaves. He encouraged Alexander to lead the Greeks and enslave the barbarians. Alexander treated the Greeks as friends and the latter as animals. (Source: Spark Notes)

When Did Alexander the Great Become King?

At the age of 20, Alexander was dubbed the King of Macedonia. His father, King Philip II, was assassinated by a political rival in 336 BCE, and he was the successor to the crown.

Alexander did not waste time. He began his right by taking control of Greek territories in Macedonia. The League of Corinth then chose him to be the commander of the military invasion of Asia. Alexander spent most of his time as king at an army camp going through Asia. (Source: National Geographic)

How Long Did Alexander Reign as King of Macedonia?

Alexander the Great ruled Macedonia for 13 years. During this time, he created one of the largest empires in the ancient world. He was able to stretch Greece as far as India.

Alexander the Great passed away in 323 BCE at the age of 32. Some historians say that he passed on of natural causes, others say he contracted malaria, and there are even those who think he was poisoned. He never named a successor. Instead of just one, four generals ruled Alexander’s empire. (Source: Khan Academy)

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