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What Happened to the Fancy Uniforms Nixon Ordered for the Secret Service?

Resigned President Richard Nixon was known for many things, including the bizarre Secret Service uniforms’ replacement. Met with many criticisms and humor, the debut of the new uniforms brought nothing but shame and embarrassment for the White House guards. 

Inspired by palace guards, Nixon ordered the fancy uniforms, but no one liked them. Instead of being immediately trashed, the uniforms sat in a storage room for ten years before being sold to a marching band in Iowa. 

Nixon’s Resignation as President

Richard M. Nixon, most commonly known as the 37th President of the United States of America, previously became a U.S. Representative and Senator before being elected President. He is infamous for being the only President in the United States that resigned from the position. (Source: White House

The Watergate Scandal caused the resignation of former President Nixon. Obstruction of Justice, covering up crimes, and abuses of power are only a few massive violations Nixon became guilty of. The House Judiciary Committee soon voted for his impeachment.

The Watergate Scandal since then altered the political perspective of American citizens. The abuses of power cases revealed from Nixon made many citizens actively question their President’s leadership. (Source: History

The Bizarre Nixon-Induced Uniforms

Another thing President Richard Nixon was known for, apart from the Watergate Scandal, was the humorous uniforms he assigned to the Secret Service. 

In January 1970, the Secret Service unit of the White House guards debuted their new official uniforms to the public. With their fancy white-colored tunic with a gold shoulder trim feature and a sturdy shako hat with a peaked front to replace their past seemingly dull black uniforms, it all became quite comedic for the masses.

The former President Nixon’s trip to Europe during the early 1970s sparked the Secret Service uniform renewal. Seeing the uniforms worn by the West German police, he wasted no time in requesting a similar outfit to be made for the White House guards.

When they first appeared, the guards were greeted with gales of laughter. They were pitiful, the looked European and out of place. They will be fine for a band, but they did have some sort of Nazi connotation when they came out, and that offended some people.

Thomas Roller

The renewing of the Secret Service’s uniforms was nothing but a subject of humor. Many people had voiced out their opinions against it, and even the guards protested. The guards were embarrassed and uncomfortable, especially in their new hats. When the guards’ voiced their concerns, the hats vanished, with the white jackets following suit.

The former Secret Service uniforms that President Nixon had requested quickly became discontinued, throwing them in storage for ten years. A school in Iowa then bought the uniforms for a small-town school’s band, the Meriden-Cleghorn High School Marching band.

Thomas Roller, the state’s Federal Surplus Division director, stated that the uniforms would only have a $5 to $10 price tag. Out of the 130 uniforms in the government’s hold, the school only gained 32 uniforms and 50 black, front peaked hats. (Source: Weird Universe

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