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Where Does Enya Live?

Known for her distinguishable and ethereal music, Enya continues to live her life in success from the eight albums she’s released. Keeping her life unexposed to the public, many might wonder about the secrets hidden inside Enya’s secluded castle. 

Enya lives in a small castle in Killiney, Ireland, which she’s entirely refurbished to her liking. Enya spends most of her years in the safety of her castle walls with her cats keeping her occupied. 

Enya’s Musical Journey

Eithne Pádraigín Ní Bhraonáin, now known to the world as musician Enya, was born in 1961 in the Republic of Ireland, joining her eight other siblings in a musically-inclined family. 

At the young age of 19, Enya participated in Clannad, the Irish Brennan family band that acquired international recognition. After a few years, Enya quit the band and eventually gained much more fame with the exposure of her music in the BBC Series, The Celts, in 1986. Two years later, the release of her album, Watermark, made her an international star. Vastly recognized for her unique sound, folk tunes, voice layering, and divine reverberations, her music was deemed similar to magical spells.

Famous for her hit, Orinoco Flow, Watermark became her breakthrough album. Enya had only launched seven albums since the release of Watermark, and each released album has acquired much success even with Enya’s refusal to tour. One example of this is her A Day Without Rain album in 2000, which sold more than 15 million copies globally. (Source: Belfast Telegraph

The most famous of her enchanting albums are The Celts, Watermark, and Shepherd Moons, with the Shepherd Moons selling the most albums. The serene and spellbinding sound of Enya’s music is the product of her long-lasting collaboration with Nicky and Roma Ryan. (Source: Pitchfork)

I’ve been told I have a cross-generational appeal, and that people who used to like Orinoco Flow are now playing my music to their children. I’ve been very lucky.


(Source: Belfast Telegraph

With Enya’s most recent album release in 2015, Dark Sky Island, her music continues to be distinguishable with its unique and celestial character. She continues to live her life in success as her musical journey persists after 40 long years. (Source: Belfast Telegraph

Enya’s Secluded Castle

Mostly everybody in Killiney, an oceanside 45 minutes outside Dublin, knew Enya’s house. It was a small castle beside Bono’s palace, near a coffee shop, past a public park in Killiney, which she bought in 1997 for £2.5 million. On her arrival, Enya entirely redid her residence, including the bathrooms, which she saturated with fancy Lalique glass. 

Her bedroom is Enya’s most favorite out of all of her extravagantly done rooms. With the breathtaking view of the Irish Sea, the Wicklow Mountains, and the Dalkey Island, Enya states that she never tires of the inspiring sceneries displayed outside her shutters. (Source: Buzzfeed

Enya, described to live a reclusive lifestyle, was only spotted in public twice over the past ten years. Behind the gates of her castle, she spends her years with only herself, her cats, and her staff. Her increased isolation is rooted in stalker fans breaking into her safe space, consequentially making Enya install a panic room. (Source: The Sun)

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