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Who Was the Three Million Mile Volvo Man?

Irvin Irv Gordon had only wanted a more dependable car when he decided to buy his Volvo P1800S. His 250,000-mile mark became a catalyst that sparked his ambition to set the record for the highest mileage in a vehicle. With his natural enjoyment of road trips, he reached his goal with no uncertainties. 

In 2013, Irv Gordon established his name as the Three Million Mile Volvo man when he reached the 3,000,000-mile mark with his 17-year old Volvo P1800S, holding the Guinness world record for the highest vehicle mileage. 

Irvin’s Three Million Mile Journey

Irvin Irv Gordon had no idea he was bound to set the Guinness world record of the highest vehicle mileage when he bought his new Volvo P1800S in 1996. 

Initially, he had never ambitioned to set the record for the highest mileage. He only bought his Volvo P1800S to have a more reliable vehicle after struggling with the Chevrolet Corvair car that he recently had. With that said, a test drive of the Volvo was all Gordon needed to loan money from his dad and buy the P1800S.

The Volvo met Gordon’s expectations of being reliable as he traveled 125 miles per day with no problem faced. His pursuit of the highest vehicle mileage started when his car achieved the 250,000-mile mark.

I wrote to Volvo. I had never had a single repair on the car. Maintenance, yes, but I never had to have a water pump removed or anything like that. They wrote me back with a very short letter that said, ‘We’re happy you’re happy with the product, don’t forget to buckle up.

Irvin Irv Gordon

Gordon wrote letters for every big mark he hit, including his 500,000-mile mark. Volvo replied to him when he hit his 1,000,000-mile mark, gifting Gordon the new Volvo 780 model. Gordon eventually sold the 780 after venturing 450,000 miles worth of travel.

Gordon had already acquired his first Guinness world record in 1998 for highest certified mileage driven by the original owner in non-commercial service when he reached the 1.69-million mark. Four years after, he already hit the 2-million mark.

In 2013, Gordon had now reached his 3-million mark. The Volvo proved to be a long-lasting ally to Gordon, only having to rebuild the Volvo’s engine twice. In 2018, the P1800S had now traveled a distance of more than 3,250,000 miles.

The Volvo Cars’ Tribute 

Passing at the age of 77, Irvin Gordon had already established his legacy just by enjoying his numerous road trips. Roadtrips were always his way of relaxing himself, and similarly, it’s what allowed him to be Volvo Cars’ brand ambassador.

When Gordon’s death reached Volvo Cars, they paid tribute to Gordon’s passion and tireless dedication to Volvo by releasing a statement.

It is with great sadness that Volvo Car USA learned of Irv Gordon’s passing yesterday. We’ve been lucky to be along for Irv’s countless adventures, perhaps none more monumental than when he passed three million miles in his red 1966 P1800 in 2013 in Alaska, a record that no other individual has accomplished in more than 100 years of automobile manufacturing. Irv never set out to break world records, to him, he was simply living his life in his Volvo. And today, we celebrate his legendary life.

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