In 2013, Apple banned an app from the appstore for having the potential to damage a user’s device. This app was called, “Send Me To Heaven”. The premise of the game was, the user would throw their iPhone into the air as high as possible. The creator wanted to destroy as many iPhones as possible.

Apple Rejects ‘Send Me To Heaven’ Game That Would Measure How High You Can Throw Your Phone

Apple just rejected a new iPhone game that’s generating a lot of buzz. But don’t worry, it’s probably in your best interest.

The game, titled “Send Me To Heaven,” scores users on how high they can fling their smartphone into the air. While Android users can download the app, which launched earlier this week, for free, iPhone users will have to keep their phones holstered and bound by gravity.

“Apple thought it was violating one of the rules for submission as it was encouraging behavior which could lead to a damage of iOS device,” Petr Svarovsky, the game’s developer, told the Los Angeles Times.

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