A 74 year old Japanese man, dressed as a ninja and possessing great physical ability, carried out 254 break-ins worth $260,000 before he was caught by police

Japanese Police Finally Arrest 74-Year Old Ninja Thief

A rash of of thievery in Osaka has come to an end as Japanese police have finally apprehended a prolific criminal, one who disguised himself as a ninja to carry out his mischief.

According to Sankei Shinbun, a 74-year-old man who came to be known as the “Heisei-era Ninja”, who covered his face and dressed in all black garb like a ninja, was arrested by prefectural police in Osaka after a series of 254 break-ins. Police report that the man, finally caught on camera, possessed great physical ability, leaping fences and running along the top of walls on his way to thefts worth roughly 30 million yen ($260,000).

The man, who used an abandoned apartment as his base of operations and to change clothes, said that he committed the thefts to… Continue Reading

Source: https://grapee.jp/en/88152