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What Was the Top-Selling Song on iTunes in 2017?

In 2017, iPhone users struggled every time they connected their mobile phone to the car as the same song automatically played as iPhone queues its songs in alphabetical order. To save many mobile phone users from this inconvenience, Samir Mezrahi released an empty song to give people time to queue their songs. 

Samir Mezrahi released a 10-minute silent song in 2017 entitled A a a a a Very Good Song. It charted #41 on the iTunes charts and beat the positions of Kendrick Lamar, Selena Gomez, and many other reputable musicians. 

Who is Samir Mezrahi?

Labeled by the Internet as the Internet Hero during 2017, Samir Mezrahi became the savior of iTunes users worldwide when he released his esteemed 10-minute song of silence. Beating famous musicians such as Kesha, Selena Gomez, Kendrick Lamar, and The Chainsmokers, Mezrahi’s song rose quickly to the iTunes charts. (Source: Hypebeast

In a 2017 Twitter post, Mezrahi announced that he released an entirely blank song that will play once an iTunes user has plugged their phone into the car. 

Hey, I released a blank song that will play 1st so that *one* song won’t play every time u plug ur phone into ur car.

Samir Mezrahi

(Source: Twitter

Mezrahi replied a year later, in May 2018, adding to the thread of his original tweet, stating that he also released the song on Spotify. His silent work entitled A a a a a Very Good Song contained nearly 10 minutes of utter silence. (Source: Twitter

The reason for Mezrahi’s quickly attained fame may not be currently relevant. In 2017, when iPhone users connected their phone to their car, the same song would automatically play as the iPhone plays songs alphabetically every time you plug it in. Mezrahi’s creation gave iPhone users plenty of time to queue their songs, helping people avoid the trouble of hearing the same songs repeatedly for their car rides.

Now, Mezrahi’s song doesn’t hold the same significance as mobile phone users have the freedom to play any music in the car stereo once they plugged it in or connected it to their car. (Source: Engadget

A a a a a Very Good Song‘s Rise to the Music Charts

In no more than 24 hours, Mezrahi’s A a a a a Very Good Song took the spot of #67 on iTunes charts, with his announcement on Twitter garnering more than 12,000 likes. 

Released on August 7, 2017, Mezrahi’s song reached #46 on iTunes charts three days later. Its highest chart position occurred on August 16, 2017, reaching #41. A a a a a Very Good Song remained in the United States music charts for more than a week, charting in numerous countries, namely the United States, Germany, France, and Brazil. (Source: iTunes Charts

Many netizens had mixed reviews about Mezrahi’s song, with one user describing it as a modern masterpiece and another labeling the piece as pointless. During its release, it cost £0.79 in the United Kingdom and $0.99 in the United States, and if you’re subscribed to Apple Music, you can get Mezrahi’s silent creation for free. (Source: Independent)

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