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What is the BBC’s Most Exported Show?

BBC Television is a service provided by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Under the terms of a royal charter, the corporation has provided public television services in the United Kingdom since 1927. It began producing television programs from its own studios in 1932, but its regular television broadcast service began on November 2, 1936. But do you what show was BBC’s most exported show? 

The BBC’s most popular show in other countries in the 1990s sitcom Keeping Up Appearances. It was a 90s sitcom that starred Patricia Routledge and ran from 1990 up to 1995. 

What is Keeping Up Appearances About? 

The British sitcom Keeping Up Appearances was created and written by Roy Clarke. It aired on BBC One from 1990 to 1995. Hyacinth Bucket, played by Patricia Routledge, is an eccentric and snobbish lower-middle-class social climber, insists on her surname being pronounced Bouquet.

The sitcom follows Hyacinth as she attempts to establish her social superiority and gain acceptance from those she considers to be upper-class. Her efforts are constantly hampered by her lower-class extended family, whom she wishes to avoid at all costs. 

Much of the comedy is driven by the conflict between Hyacinth’s idealized self and the reality of her working-class upbringing. In each episode, she finds herself in an absurd situation while trying to keep her social standing.

Keeping Up Appearances was a huge success in the United Kingdom, as well as in the United States, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium, and the Netherlands. It had been sold nearly a thousand times over to foreign broadcasters by February 2016, making it BBC Worldwide’s most exported television program.

The show debuted on BBC One on October 29, 1990, and lasted five seasons, with the final episode airing on December 25, 1995. Despite its continued popularity, the series was canceled at the request of Patricia Routledge in 1995. She wanted to be a character actress in other roles.

I’d much rather people look back and say ‘I remember that’ than say ‘Oh, is that still on?

Patricia  Routledge  the Actress who portrayed Hyacinth Bucket

(Source: NME)

How Did They Cast Hyacinth Bucket? 

Although Roy Clarke was the brains behind Keeping Up Appearances, producer Harold Snoad was in charge of casting the show.

Fortunately, Snoad had a talent for assembling some of the best character actors in the business, from Shakespearean actor Clive Swift, who played Hyacinth’s husband to veteran star Josephine Tewson, who had previously appeared in everything from The Two Ronnies to Z Cars.

He just talks you into it, even though the pay’s not that great!

Elizabeth, Hyacinth’s Neighbor in the Show

When I agreed to do the pilot script, I thought there was a future, a potential there, but I never think about whether something will be a success until it happens.

Patricia Routledge, Hyacinth Bucket

Keeping Up Appearances was undoubtedly Patricia Routledge’s biggest success, as she was astounded as anyone to discover that playing a snob had suddenly made her incredibly popular with strangers.

I can’t understand why a monster like Hyacinth should go to people’s hearts, but she has, Perhaps it’s because there is someone like Hyacinth in every family.” If that’s true, there are literally millions of Hyacinths all over Britain – not a pretty thought!

Patricia Routledge

(Source: NME)

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